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2010 Race Team- Johnny Pryor

New to the Rock/Creek Race Team for 2010-

Johnny Pryor

Lookout 100K and 10K, Photo by: Sam Silvey

Age: 49

Occupation: Personal Trainer at Vanderbilt University

I’ve been trail racing for approx 2-3 years. Coming into the sport from another ultra endurance sport of cycling (pro 1-2). I’m really enjoying the trails and the people who are involved. My ultimate goal is to race well at 100 miles- Currently up to 50!

Years Running: 12 years

Favorite Trail Race: Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race- 3 stages 3 mountains 60 miles trail race

Favorite Training Trail: Red White Blue trail in Percy Warner Park, Nashville, TN

Link to Blog:

Lifelong Running Goals:

Set personal records for myself…currently working on the 50k, 50 mile and 100 mile.

2009 Races and Past Accomplishments:

Basically tried to race a 50k per month. I got close, met my 3 big goals:

1) Finish the Rock/Creek StumpJump 50k

2) Set a 50k PR

3) Race a 50 miler

Race Calendar for 2010:

Feb- Black Warrior Alabama

Mar- Pct 50K California

April- sky to sea 50k California

May- Northface 50mile-NY

June- Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race




Oct- StumpJump 50k

Nov- Upchuck50k

Dec- Lookout Mountain 100k

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