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20% Off Chacos Through August 2nd

donate shoes, get

20% off Chacos

Rock/Creek and Chaco invite you to swap your old (but clean) shoes, sport sandals or boots for a 20% discount on new Chaco Sandals. We’ll donate your old shoes to those in need and keep them out of landfills.

how to give back…

1)  Use coupon code “CHACORECYCLE08

at checkout by August 2, 2008 to Save 20% on your new Chacos.    shop for Chacos >


2)  When you receive your Chacos, put your old shoes back in the box and send them to us by August 31.

3)  Enjoy your summer with a new pair of Chacos and the knowledge that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.

The original value of your donated shoes should be roughly equivalent to that of your new pair of Chacos. Coupon does not apply to Chacos already on sale, but we’d still love to have your shoes to send. 

where will my donated shoes go?

Footwear donated from the 2008 campaign will support the elimination of Hookworm anemia in Sub-Saharan African villages.

It has been estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people in Sub-Saharan Africa are affected by Hookworm anemia. The hookworm, a soil-born parasite, enters through bare feet and resides in the small intestine of its host. Within the intestine the hookworm feeds off its host supply. If the parasitic condition is left untreated, severe anemia and malnutrition will result. The condition will slowly advance until a blood transfusion becomes necessary for the infective individual’s survival.

In developing nations the cost of transfusion is often prohibitive and risky. Prevention, through the use of protective footwear, has been proven to prevent hookworm anemia.

Through the 2007 Chaco recycling program an entire village in Uganda was outfitted with shoes–a simple solution that completely eliminated hookworm anemia in the village.

In previous years the program has also supported communities in India and Nepal. Chaco’s program has also impacted communities closer to home. After hurricane Rita devastated the Gulf Coast region in September 2005, Chaco and participating retailers collected over 400 pairs of recycled footwear to distribute to displaced hurricane victims in affected areas of Louisiana.

Thanks to all those who donated to the 2007 program. This was our best year so far, with well over 100 pair of shoes recycled.

thank you for making a difference!

shop Chaco >

Please Send Your Donated Shoes to:



4250 Benton Drive, Suite D

Chattanooga, TN 37406


[email protected]

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