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A Beginner’s Guide to Running Their First 5 Mile Trail Race

In preparation for the Rock/Creek Trail Series Greenway 5 Mile Trail Race happening in August 7, 2010- Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Dreama Campbell,  has created a 10 week training schedule for those interested in exploring trail running in a small dose. You have about 10 weeks between May 31 and the Greenway 5 Mile Trail Race ( August 7, 2010) plenty of time to be ready for 5 miles. There are a lot of ways to prepare, but let’s use the below schedule as a guide. I’m going to assume that this is your first 5 mile race and that you have not been on a consistent training program. The schedule below will bump you up slowly and allow plenty of time to safely build mileage without injury:

Week Of: Tuesday Thursday Weekend Day
05/31 1 Mile 1 Mile 2 Miles (easy build week)
06/06 1 Mile 1 Mile 2.5 Miles
06/13 1.5 Miles 2 Miles 3 Miles
06/20 2 Miles 1.5 Miles 2.5 Miles (Recovery Week)
06/27 2 Miles 2 Miles 4 Miles
07/04 2 Miles 2 Miles 4.5- 5 Miles
07/11 2 Miles 2 Miles 3- 3.5 Miles (Recovery Week)
07/18 2 Miles 3 Miles 5.5- 6 Miles
07/25 2 Miles 3 Miles 2 Miles
08/01 2 Miles 1.5- 2 Miles (Easy)  Greenway 5 Mile Race


I might also suggest that you get fitted for the proper type of trail running shoes. There are many great trail running shoes on the market.. the key is finding the one that best suits your foot type. Rock/Creek is a great places here in Chattanooga with knowledgeable staff to help you and fit you in a working system just for you. If you are not local… I would suggest that you find a credible retailer in your area to help with those needs or you can support your favorite local Chattanooga store, Rock/Creek by shopping online at

Good luck on this journey and enjoy your race day experience!!!

* Note: this is only a sample plan. Speak to your doctor before starting or changing your excercise regimen. Rock/Creek does not endorse any particular exercise plan and we provide this to you as a rough guide only. Please use discretion.

Download a PDF for Easy Workout Planning and Check-Off >