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We take recess seriously.

So should you.

We’re getting back to what outdoor recreation is all about: bettering yourself one step, stroke and suffer-fest at a time. And if you’re the crazy kind that runs ultras, scales rocks or paddles raging rapids for just for the fun of it, you might just be like us.

Read the Pledge. If you dig it, sign it. Then go do it.

The Pledge

All-Mountain Team

I shall only partake in this
crazy sport I love, because I love it.
And I will quit when I quit loving it.

I am an ambassador of the outdoor community.

As such, I will do my part to take
the “ass” out of ambassador.

No matter how goofy
somebody looks, I
shall not mock.

But I will mock myself. Often.

I will show respect to everyone I see
with a wave or smile or nod.

Maybe even all three.

If it’s not returned, I will
not shake my head.

Because I do not know
what’s going on in theirs.

I will be inclusive.
Even of the exclusive.

I will encourage the beginner,
the professional, and everyone
in between.

I will not be intimidated by those
who have come before me,
nor will I intimidate those
who come after.

I will place joy above performance,

use my fingers for peace, not profanity,
and I will focus on the scenery more
than the scene.

I will care for the outdoors

Just as it cares for me.
As nature transforms me,
I will not return the favor.

I will believe in positive vibes

as much as power-to-weight ratios;
good karma as much as good form.

Whatever my jersey or bib
may say, I know we’re all on the
same team.

And when I’m suffering the most,
I will remember that this is
not life or death.

Even if it is my life.

Credit where credit is due:

The All-Mountain Pledge was inspired by the Pearl Izumi Pact ( Thank you, Pearl Izumi, for representing outdoor sport so well. / Team Rock/Creek

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