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Backpack Envy Subdued at Rock/Creek

About a year ago my car was broken into. I’m pretty certain the thieves didn’t know what they were looking for because my car resembled a sloppy crime scene by morning. Thankfully, the usual work stuff was safe inside my house, but my poor climbing gear met its fate that night.
Two backpacks with gear, a rope bag, shoes, harness, and even my Carrie Underwood CD.
Most all gear was hurled from over my back seat, leaving some contents just laying there as a rude reminder that my two backpacks were no longer. I had a small hydration pack for long hikes on the trails as well as my beloved, old, tattered, “had it since 8th grade” daypack with a chewed out hole in the side from my childhood dog Pepper.
All this to inquire: Have you ever gone backpack-less? It’s a hard position of life to be in as I find myself having backpack envy while passing schools and campuses! I’m not one to get violent over material possessions, but I really have not liked seeing the happy relationships between adventure goers and their backpacks lately. You can carry anything in a backpack; hiking layers, water, a lunch, trekking poles, etc. Or switch it up for your around- town use with a laptop and favorite book. My jealously settles in.
But, with today’s technology of micro-cush, breathable fabrics, mesh backs and laptop/ hydration compatibility, my times of a sweaty back and disorganized main compartment are non existent. I view this as an improvement from my tattered 8th grade backpack [R.I.P] and someday, my “grab and go” backpack lifestyle will return.

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