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Backpacker’s “Get Out More” tour visited Rock/Creek last night. Now: Get Out!

What started with 150 chairs and about 100 people — as pictured above — quickly grew to 150 full chairs, with a few more folks standing alongside to catch the event. Sheri and Randy packed a huge amount of information into their fast-paced seminar, and gave away some pretty awesome prizes along the way from Deuter packs, Vasque, Sea to Summit, LEKI poles, and more.

If you’re just getting started with backpacking, Rock/Creek is here to help. Those of you in the Chattanooga area have plenty of options for backpacking trips within an hour or so of home, not to mention the Great Smoky Mountains, Big South Fork or the Appalachian Trail just a bit further away; stop in a store and our enthusiastic staff will be happy to help you select a route and the right gear for your trip. If you live elsewhere, you can also call our customer service team at 888-707-7608 for help choosing outdoor apparel equipment. Those guys are total gear nerds, and they love answering questions.

If this is your first backpacking trip, we’ve recently put together a suggested gear list for new backpackers and beginners. Click here for that beginner’s backpacking gear list. If this isn’t your first rodeo, but you’d still like to check out some of the latest, best-selling gear or figure out ways to lighten your load, scroll through our series of three backpacking gear lists for a great starting point!

Now that you’ve seen the tour, what adventures do you have planned? I hope the presentation inspires everyone to, indeed, get out more, and I hope we have the privilege of hearing your stories on Facebook when you get back!

One thought on “Backpacker’s “Get Out More” tour visited Rock/Creek last night. Now: Get Out!

  1. I am embarking on a 6 week archeology internship, camping at VI National Park in on St. Johns Island. i need help; i am down with the archeology part but the camping (not so much). I am going to blog about my trip and was wondering if i could include Rock Creek as a “technical sponsor” for my camping explorations.

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