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Boat Rock Paid Off Through Triple Crown Fundraising

Hey Climbers: I just wanted to pass on some particulars about the finale this weekend–everthing went extremely well, and the weather was absolutely perfect. We raised over $1,200 in climber donations for Boat Rock.
With the help of the Chaco/Sweet Water Event in ATL, RockCreek/Chaco custom sandal sales at TCrown, climber donations at each of the three events (@$3,600), and TCrown donations to Boat Rock, I’m sure we will have raised enough $$ to cover the rest of the BR note.
Triple Crown Bouldering CompetitionAs soon as we have a tally on the final expenses (buses, catering, printing, tees, et al) we’ll make the official Triple Crown donation to the SCC and CCC as well.
We also raised $2,500 for Habitat for Humanity on Sunday–most of the climbers competing at that event also donated their winnings to Habitat–the HFH representative gave major kudos to the SCC and Triple Crown at the pavilion, and especially on Talk Radio and the local tv news. Habitat is certainly a great cause and the donation provided much needed positive PR for the climbing community that reached the general public.
Major thanks came from the clubhouse manager at Montlake on Saturday–they wanted to pass on sincere thanks to the entire climbing community for supporting the golf club–They truly appreciate our help and support up there–
Montlake requested to have some of our guides–Jim and I met with the clubhouse manager today to donate the remaining guides. We’ll mail a care package to the Luken’s again too–

We also had a great turn-out at the Rock/Creek (Tommy and Beth Slideshow)– 160 thru the door and 110 stayed for the show. With the help of Rock/Creek and Tommy and Beth, the SCC also received some great PR via a podcast on Friday as well. MAJOR THANKS (again and again) to R/C for all of their help throughout the entire series.
We’ll work on a full write-up this week and get a posting asap–
Special thanks to everyone from the Chattanooga Climbers’ Association that came out and volunteered their time (all weekend!) for the cause–
Scott Howell
Ben Johnson
Jonathan Clardy
Ryan Harris
John Dorough
Steven Farmer
Chad Fowler
Alex Fitzner
Kirk Brode
Kathy Farmer
Alison Dorough
Rebecca Wykle
Brenton Reagan
I’m sure I’m forgetting others–we had a great volunteer crew for sure. MANY from ATL and especially North Carolina.
Jim Horton and Chad Wykle
Founders, Triple Crown Bouldering Competition