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Chaco Sandals Reviewed in Paddler Magazine

Chaco Sandals have been a staple of any Rock/Creek employee’s wardrobe for years. When they first started, I was still clinging to an old pair of Alps, and I had a healthy skepticism about Chacos. When my Alps finally gave out, I bought my first pair of Chacos and I have never, ever looked back. With APMA-certified BioCentric footbeds providing incredible support and comfortable polyester webbing placed perfectly for biomechanical comfort, these are incredibly well-designed sandals.
Not surprisingly, Paddler Magazine reports a similar experience to mine:

A few months ago my ex rafting boss at Adventure Whitewater saw me eyeing his new Z2 Pro Chacos with diamond rubber soles while we were strapping kayaks on to his truck. “The rubber on these sandals will change your life,” he replied to my stares. Sounds like hyperbole to many folks, but anyone who has slipped their way through a boating season on slick-soled sandals knows that really grippy rubber is life changing. I figured I could use a little grip and some change in my life so I got a pair. [Full article online…]

Their review talks specifically about the Diamond Stealth sole, which is designed for excellent grip on wet surfaces and is perfect for paddlers. Our best-selling Chacos have a new Unaweep sole combining the best elements of their old Colorado and Terreno soles. Vibram’s proprietary tread pattern provides durability, slip resistance, traction and surprising light weight. The lug pattern and spacing make the sole virtually self-cleaning.
Be sure to check out Chaco’s new hiking shoes, with low- and mid-height models for men and women. We also currently have a promo running with these where you can score a free pair of Goodhew Socks with any purchase, so now’s the time. Promo runs while supplies last.

2 thoughts on “Chaco Sandals Reviewed in Paddler Magazine

  1. Paddler is a great magazine with many great recommendations! Thanks for sharing this one!

  2. No problem. Definitely a well-respected magazine and I was happy to see Chaco spoken of so favorably. We’ve been behind those guys for years and find that they make great products.

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