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Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race update, Stage 3 (Signal Mountain)

The 2012 Rock/Creek Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race is officially over… and what a finish!

With Johnny Clemons out of the race after requiring an ER visit following Saturday’s Stage 2, it was anybody’s race, and the group of Scott Williams, Alex Poulsen, Jonathan Marsh and Josh Bart ran as a tight pack for most of the day. In the end, Scott was able to pull away and gain back enough time to end up on the podium, while Alex’s third place finish concluded a very consistent weekend and gave him the overall win.

In the end, the Kalamazoo group occupied two of three spots on the men’s overall podium. The women’s racers retained their 1-2-3 finishing places yet again — Meyer, Lederer, Hickmann — sealing the same order for the overall standings. The winner of the men’s Masters division was Chris Luberecki of Tahoe City, CA, with a time of 8:22:11, and Kathy Smith was our female Masters winner in a time of 9:38:27.

Final overall results are listed here.

Here are top overall finishers, with total times for the three-day event:

Alex Poulsen (Kalamazoo, MI) – 7:24:48
Jonathan Marsh (Kalamazoo, MI) – 7:28:50
Scott Williams (Asheville, NC) – 7:30:23

Mandy Meyer (Asheville, NC) – 8:38:25
Meghan Lederer (Johnson City, TN) – 8:52:14
Nancyanne Hickman (Memphis, TN) – 8:55:01

We’ve also uploaded some photos from day 3:

Photos by Mark McKnight
Photos by Katharina Handwerker
Photos by Jeff Bartlett

In the end, 185 runners completed all three days. We’ll have a more extensive write-up for tomorrow, recapping the entire three-day event and some of the stories we’ll take away from this weekend. Congratulations to everyone who finished this year’s race!

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