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Chattanooga’s Take on Buildering

Did you see this? Rock/Creek’s newest store at The Block is located next to High Point Climbing and Fitness, and the development was featured in Rock & Ice recently. The River City Company development has a list of distinctions, including: one of Chattanooga’s largest adaptive re-use projects, one of the country’s largest climbing gyms, and one of the 3 largest in the South. Lisa Rands and Wills Young have started a climbing school based out of the gym. In addition to a 15 meter speed climbing wall on the exterior of the building, there are thousands of feet of climbable surface on the glass panels that make up the sculptural exterior of The Block. Inside, there are auto-belays, a top-roping room, lead climbing pit, two boulder areas, and a campus, moon, and adjustable wall as well.

Climbers will find an oasis for all their training needs, with cross-training from the likes of Dreama Campbell (of the R/C Race Team). There are aerobic, weight and yoga rooms, with frequent classes available for members. Parking is convenient- in fact it’s right overhead- and you get a huge discount with an annual membership.

The aerobic area features treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical machines and a stair climber. The weights are FreeMotion equipment and 5-100 pound dumb bells are available. There’s a dual cable cross machine as well. Whether you’re looking to learn how to climb or if you’re avoiding the rain on a vacation trip to T-Wall, High Point is the place to stop. Soon we’ll have Chattz Coffee next door as well, so you can stop by and have a latte in the morning or a glass of wine and chocolate after a big day.

If you find yourself in Chattanooga, be sure to stop by, and tell them Rock/Creek sent you!

We’re looking forward to having a variety of events at The Block, starting with some climbing shoe demos from top brands like evolv, La Sportiva, Five Ten and more. We’ve done a few already, so keep an eye on our facebook posts and posters around town for the next event. John Wiygul, owner and manager of the gym, plans to have competitions on the speed wall and is working to bring some indoor bouldering events to the gym as well. Last year’s RiverRox festival used the climbable exterior wall as a giant screen and projected a movie onto the building. In October this year, the road in front of the building will be closed and used as the starting line for the Salomon CITYTRAIL Chattanooga race. If you haven’t seen the building at night, that’s also quite interesting since the glass panels are lit from behind by a custom LED lighting system. We’ll post more as we get it, but we’re really excited about this awesome new store and all the opportunities available to climbers now thanks to the gym.

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