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Cumberland Trail Conference Seeking Trail Guide Writers

Long standing partner in land preservation and protection CTC Board member and writer/editor, Russ Manning, is heading up a group of volunteers to prepare the first official guide to the Cumberland Trail. The CTC will be the “author” of the book, and all author royalties from book sales will go to CTC operations. Several people have signed up for trail sections, but several sections remain unclaimed and Russ needs volunteers to hike a section and write up a mileage description. Russ will serve as editor–negotiating with a publisher, taking everyone’s input, and producing a book we’ll all be proud of. What better way to promote the trail and help CTC financially at the same time? Hiking and writing will take place this Fall through Spring seasons, with a manuscript ready some time in Summer 2011. Anyone who wants to write but not hike is also welcome; there’s background information to gather, and we’ll also have write-ups on sections not yet constructed, both of which will require some research. All participants will receive credit in the book for their sections. If you’d like to help out, contact Russ by email ([email protected]), and he will provide all the details and a list of sections that have not yet been claimed for you to choose from.

Thank you for your interest in the Cumberland Trail project.

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