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Dreama Campbell, Rock/Creek Race Team

Rock/Creek 2017 Race Team - Dreama Campbell

Name: Dreama Campbell

Age: 44 soon to be 45 (June 30)

Occupation: Personal trainer and run coach

Years running: 15

Why do you run?  

I started running on the roads, but I did my first trail race and I was instantly converted to a trail runner. One word: ADVENTURE. It’s all about the adventure and the beautiful things you see along the way whether it be the trillium in early spring, sightings of deer, bear or snakes or the foliage in the fall. It’s also very spiritual for me to run in the woods… it’s a place where you can just figure things out.

Favorite places to run? 

My very favorite trails in the Chattanooga area are north of town. The Possum Creek, Soddy Gorge and Rock Creek segments of the Cumberland Trail. I also enjoy trips to NC to run in the Smokies or around the Asheville area.

Favorite achievement? 

My favorite achievements athletically are completing 7 Ironman events and a 100 mile trail race

Toughest moment during a run/race? 

Sleep deprivation during my 100 mile race.

Goals for 2017 (list of races + any special goals, times, etc)?

Feb 28 – Mount Cheaha 50k
March 18 – Savage Gulf Marathon
April 1 – GA Death Race
May 20 – Quest for the Crest 50k
July 8 – Mt Hood 50mi (pending lottery)
Sep 29 – Yeti 100

Tips for new runners? 

Give it a fair shake. Try the road try the trails. Once you figure out the where… hone in on the distances that you are most comfortable with…. keep it fun.


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