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FINAL DAYS: 5 free pairs of Chacos; 5 different ways to win!

You like free stuff, right?

More specifically, do you like Chaco sandals? Do you want to win a pair for free?

OK, good, I thought so. I have good news: we’re giving away five free pairs of Chaco sandals or Chaco shoes in our August home page contest. Well, actually, we’ve been running the contest all month on a variety of channels, but we’ve been withholding the last piece of the puzzle until now.

Here are the five ways to win:

  1. Like us on Facebook — wait, you haven’t already done this?? — and upload your best Chaco tan photo. Our favorite hideously-tanned feet will win a brand new pair of Chacos. Warning: the competition for this one appears to be fierce.
  2. Visit this page on our website and sign up for our newsletter. Make sure you check the “Chaco” box and tell us what city you’re from!
  3. Find us on LifeKraze and high five the post marked “Easiest contest ever.” Seriously, it’s that easy. We’ll choose a winner at the end of August.
  4. Tweet a link to the Chacos you’d like to win at Rock/Creek (shop here: and mention us (@rockcreek). One winner will get their wish!

But wait, that’s only 4… right?

Exactly. Here is the 5th and final piece of the puzzle: post a comment below and tell us where you’ll take your Chacos if you win a pair. Piece of cake. We’ll pick one of you at the end of the month to win the last free pair of Chacos.

August is almost gone, but there’s still a week left for you to claim your Chacos. We’ll announce each of the 5 winners shortly after the end of this month… good luck!

67 thoughts on “FINAL DAYS: 5 free pairs of Chacos; 5 different ways to win!

  1. I would wear them to the Grand Canyon next year when I go there for my summer trip.

  2. If I were to win a pair of Chacos I would take them everywhere! I love to be outdoors and all in God’s creation. I would wear them all over the beautiful campus of Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Al. I would tell everyone that life isn’t complete until you own a pair of Chacos. I would take them on mission trips while I would share the love of Christ to others. if I were to win a free pair of Chacos my heart would smile forever. I would never take my Chacos off!!!

  3. Im taking my Chachos on my 1st trip to Yellowstone! How exciting is THAT!?! ☺

  4. I would love to take them to Acadia national park and trek all over that beautiful pink granite.

  5. I can tell you where I HAVE taken my Chacos: Greece, Haiti, and all over the States both cities and the countryside. They’re my go-to travel shoe, so anytime I travel, they’re going with me!

  6. CHAAAACOOOOS. If I would have a pair of Chacos, they would take me around the states to discover my new home. Being more detailed – they would go a piece of the appalachian trail, they would go on a whitewater ride and they would accompany me every morning to work.

  7. I would love to take my new pair of Chacos on an adventure to Sunset Rock, atop Lookout Mt ( ). I’ve only explored the beginning of the trails and have climbed a bit with my college friends there. My new Chacos would push me to hike farther and inspire me to enjoy the beauty of the mountain more!

  8. When I had my Chacos, before they were stolen, I would hike the creeks and trails, wear them even in the winter, and danced contra in them. For a person who HATES to wear shoes, these were the next best thing to going barefoot. I noticed my foot injuries decreased significantly. 🙂

  9. I will literally wear them everywhere I go.

  10. They will no doubt go back to Montana. SOON hopefully. Sooner than that, they will hit the beach, take me to class, and become very fond of my pups. 🙂

  11. I would find a new adventure to take them on. Just go out and find myself.

  12. I promise to take them to Nepal and India! They will help me hike to remote villages and large cities where I will be freeing girls and young woman trapped in the sex slave trade!

  13. We take out chacos EVERYWHERE!

  14. I have already taken my Chacos to almost every state, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Italy and Greece but they are really tired, so my new pair will go with me to Costa Rica and Belize after a quick trip to Alaska.

  15. All over Philly and who knows where else!

  16. I will wear them all say long @lifekraze hq & sport them in Clemson, SC & Auburn, AL at every game & even take them
    Up to Chicago when I visit soon! Not to mention they will be worn all over Lookout Mountain & Rising Fawn 🙂

  17. I’ll take my chacos with me EVERYWHERE!!!

  18. Narnia!!!!

  19. I will take them where ever I go. Whether that be Florida Keys to teach SCUBA or Asia to teach English as a foreign language, but I will have them shipped to the summer camp I work at in Missouri.

  20. i’ll take my chacos to the stars and — maybe– back home again

  21. I will take my Chacos to the many wonderful rivers and trails throughout Applachia from GA to PA

  22. I will take my Chacos to teach middle school band in Dayton, TN!

  23. I would totally take my chaco’s on a hike in the smokies

  24. I will take my chacos to my first trip out west, first hikes on the mountain, first time camping with the hubby!

  25. I’d take my Chaco’s back to where my love for them started- Belize 🙂

  26. I would take my chacos to seneca rocks at the end of September and hopefully out to San Fran sooner than later.

    My chaco flip flops went on an interesting adventure recently… went kayaking down Harpeth River and lost one when a tree root ball flipped me (thanks caneo in the way). After returning to search for it… I was sitting on the bank of the river eating lunch and moping when a guy in a canoe came floating by holding it up. I ran into the river asap!! It was knocked loose from said tree by another person hitting it and flipping over. 🙂

  27. Thats easy…definetly to the Inca Trail, Peru and then to New Orleans…Bourbon St. baby!

  28. Since I’ve already been all over the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon during the past two years, I’ll have to stick with my kayaking trips in the Smokies, including the Ocoee and Hiwassee.

  29. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they would be accompanying me on my Australia and New Zealand trip next summer. I can’t wait!

  30. I would wear them everywhere, literally. They are the kind of shoes you can own and do it all in with no hesitation. From, “Oh a waterfall, lets climb it! But my shoes will get wet… oh wait… I have Chacos on!” To, “What a wonderful morning, oh no i’m late for school and don’t have time to put on shoes and socks… oh wait… who needs those anyways? I have Chacos!! Off to school i go!”

  31. I would first wear them to the bathroom you don’t know what germs are in there. But after that then probably to montana at the end of september. You know rock creek you guys certainly do rock! Get it. Zip it up and Zip it out!

  32. I’d take them everywhere! I never wear anything but chacos!!!

  33. I’ll take them to the StumpJump Ultra in Oct and wear them after the race.

  34. On an upcoming cruise!

  35. Can wear them anywhere

  36. I’d love to wear them as recovery shoes for after trail runs this Fall and to get me to and from local boulder fields — all in the TN valley and surrounding area!

  37. Had this happened sooner I would have taken them to Italy, Sicily, Greece, Turkey, and Crete. Seeing as it is happening now, I plan on taking some new chacos as far as they can go – perhaps on a cross-country journey starting here in Chatt and going all the way to the Pacific!! R/C In/Out!!

  38. Romans 10:15 – How beautiful are the feet are those who bring good news.

    I want my feet to be even MORE beautiful by having a pair of SWEET Chacos! I will bring them up and down the amazing Ozark mountains and discover new and amazing things!

  39. I’d love a new pair of Chacos! I would take them up the Great Wall of China on my trip I have scheduled in a few months. That would be epic! My current pair are reaching the end of their life and I need a new pair. This would be a perfect transition. Please pick me!

  40. I wear my chacos daily and absolutely love them. I am moving to Jackson Hole in two weeks and a new pair of chacos would be great to hike around in out there.

  41. I would wear them everywhere since this would be my first pair!!

  42. They are great after a day on the river, or after a long run!

  43. I will take them to the mega transect trail race the toughest on the east coast!

  44. If I was to win a pair of Chacos, they would become a part of me. They would trek through the Shenandoah Valley. They would climb the Smoky Mountains. They would explore the Cumberland Gap. They would kayak down uncountable rivers. They would one day thru hike the Appalachian Trail. They would visit every National Park in the Country. They would spend the summers at camp sharing the love of Christ. They would take regular spur of the moment adventures. They would take me to the edge of the world and back. I promise you that they would have an exciting and adventure-filled life while giving me the most awesome tan lines ever!

  45. If I was to win a new pair of Chacos, they would become a part of me. They would trek through the Shenandoah Valley. They would climb the Smoky Mountains. They would explore the Cumberland Gap. They would kayak down countless rivers. They would spend the summers at camp sharing the love of Christ. They will one day thru hike the Appalachian Trail. They will visit every National Park in the country. They will go on random spur-of-the-moment adventures. They will go to the edge of the world and back. I plan to document their travels with amazing photos on every journey. I promise you that they will have an exciting life full of adventure while giving me the most awesome tan lines!

  46. If i got a new pair of chacos I would take them with me to my host family while I live in Guaranda, Ecuador next year. I think its time that the chacoian wave is spread to Ecuador.

  47. Going on an epic three-month trip to India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam starting March of 2012. In the meantime, I’ll wear the sandals throughout my trip to the Philippines in December. Of course I’ll continue wearing them as I travel the world to more exotic places.

  48. This summer I took my Chacos on a medical mission trip to Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macau. If I won a pair, I would give them to my boyfriend so that when we go back next year he’ll stop complaining about his stupid flip flops breaking!!

  49. I would take them all around the Auburn University Campus! I would wear them on all of my adventures and even though I would not be traveling far, the biggest adventures are the ones right in front of you!

  50. I would wear them all over the Auburn campus! I would wear them on all of my adventures! Even though I wouldn’t be going far, the best adventures are often right in front of you!

  51. I will wear my Chacos this weekend to a farm in Hotchkiss, CO! I will go skateboarding on them, pick veggies, check out local breweries and go on super fun hikes! I’ll end the day playing cards, and my feet will feel so great! Thanks for the fun contest! 🙂

  52. I’m too late. Sad. 🙁
    Congratulations to the winner!

  53. My son will take these Chacos to Washington DC this summer.

  54. well of course I would take them to bed with me just to make sure they are protected…

  55. I would wear them on my 1st year of college. Who DOESN’T need Chacos there? And I’ll wear them wherever college takes me in life! Chacos are a must have for my everyday outfits!

  56. I would wear my first pair of chacos to the mountains or to heber because I mean who wouldn’t want to wear them and get an awesome tan line?!

  57. I would take my chacos everywhere, they are my go to pair of shoes.

  58. I’ll take my chacos to the Ocoee River- and anywhere else my feet carry me because they are always strapped on my feet (unless it’s too cold. then I switch to my Chaco boots).

  59. I would take my chacos to Victoria falls and go bungee jumping with them.

  60. I would take my chacos to work! I teach swim lessons and lifeguard so a nice pair of waterproof sandals would save my life- and my feet! They also would probably end up on all of my summer adventures this break.

  61. I would take my chacos to my summer church camp!! I’d wear them when I go to Universal Studios over the summer, and when I go to the beach as well!! And when I go white water rafting at camp on the Ocoee River:’)!!

  62. I would take my chacos with me to my church camp over the summer!! I’d take them when we go to universal studios in june, and whenever I go white water rafting on the Ocoee at camp!!:-)

  63. A pair of chacos would be ideal for any outdoor event, even if I don’t have any money do to anything I can just go down to the river with friends. I’ve struggled with family and financial problems the last couple of years, and I won’t be able to afford college let alone a pair of brand new chacos $50 and up. I’m sick of everyone saying, “Oh yea you don’t belong at this school or in this town because you’re too poor.” I don’t want a pair simply because I want to “fit in”, I want a pair for my feet to be more comfortable, and I have to admit stylish as well on my outdoor adventures.

  64. If I was to win a pair of chacos I would take them on every 4-H event. Also I would them to many different historic places. I also would wear the chacos to marching band practice.

  65. I spend so much time on the river, going camping, swimming, waterfall hunting, you name it! And chacos are my FAVORITE pair of shoes. I wear them everywhere. Will definitely be of good use with me!

  66. I would wear them on my 40th anniversary at Jekyll island, because there was no beach show like a Chaco in July 1976!
    [email protected]

  67. chacos are my favorite pair of shoes! when I go hiking they are perfect and when I go tubing and even everyday to school! I’ll take them basically everywhere I go. I especially love taking them to the beach and working on my Chaco tanline!

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