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Five Ten Anasazi Verde: Limited Edition!

Five Ten and RockCreek are proud to announce the limited edition release of the new Anasazi Verde Climbing Shoes.
Five Ten Anasazi Verde Climbing ShoeWe are now taking pre-orders only on this new and improved Limited Edition climbing shoe. A better version this time, with an impressive heel, nicknamed “magic fingers” due to its phenomenal gripping qualities. The fit and comfort also got updated by effectively ridding the shoe of any remaining dead space.
The Anasazi Verde now has Onyxx, the highest friction, most durable climbing rubber “in the universe.” making the precision and power super detailed. You didn’t think Five Ten could make a better shoe than the ones they have now? Well, believe it, because here it is. This is a limited run, so get them while they last!
Your pre-order will ship December 4, 2006.
Pre-order your Five Ten Anasazi Verde Climbing Shoes today at
Five Ten leads the shoe industry with innovation. In 1985, Five Ten founder and President, Charles Cole, developed a rubber that made climbing easier. Stealth Rubber soles increased the amount of body weight a climber could exert on his feet before the rubber bond broke away from the rock. Simply by buying a new shoe, climbers could climb better. Since then, Cole has upped the ante with Stealth S1, Stealth C4, Stealth HF (high friction), Stealth Amphibia (for water), and now Stealth ONYXX, which is twice as durable as any other climbing rubber available, with 25 percent more friction.
But rubber is just the start. In the climbing arena, Five Ten is responsible for the modern rock shoe design. Cole invented the first sling shot rand, the first down-turned last, and the first heel wedge to cushion impact. Other firsts include pull tabs on both climbing and approach shoes, baseball stitching in climbing shoes to alleviate hot spots and graded midsoles to adjust the shoe