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Five Ten Blackwing for Men & Women Exclusively at Rock/Creek + Beta Video #6

The final rip of the tape on your tender digits, the dry white dust off your knuckles as you settle into a wide sit start. Welcome to your project…
Beginning with a high left foot, low right stem; quick weight shift to a right crimp rail; move feet; lean into it with a left hand cross over…lock off… You’re set…
All the while, pulling moves over rigid boulders ready to claim your ankles as carnage. Now would not be the time to split your concentration worrying about your shoe’s performance.
The new Five Ten Blackwing will be the wind beneath your send.

Rock/Creek, Five Ten and Triple Crown partner together to exclusively offer the new Five Ten Blackwing for Men and Women. This state-of-the art climbing shoe is being made available 3 months ahead of schedule with a special deal at Rock/Creek! In addition, Ladies, the Blackwing launch is the first Women’s specific downturned shoe from Five Ten! Now through December, a portion of proceeds from each pair sold, will be given by Rock/Creek and Five Ten to support climbing access along the Cumberland Trail.

The Blackwing is inspired from the crushing designs of 2009. Shoes like the aggressive downturned toe of the lace-up Five Ten Dragon, and the tight heel cup from the now cult-classic Team Shoe. Together, they make a user friendly combination of features like a Synthetic Cowdura Upper, padded split tongue, soft fleecy microfiber lining, and two velcor cinch closures. The heel cup is extra snug which extends to a slingshot heel and the Stealth Mystique rubber outsole is a lighter weight endurance rubber designed for ultimate friction on overhanging rock.
Check out the Blackwing special offer featured in the latest Beta Series video by Andrew Kornylak. The Beta #6: High Life with Kim Feulling gives us a tour of the two Hound Ears classics, The High Life (V3) and Tommy the Cat (V4).

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