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Five Ten Project Shoe Exclusively at Rock/Creek!

For a limited time, Rock/Creek will offer you the ability to get the PROJECT, a brand NEW climbing shoe from Five Ten, at an awesome discounted price. The Project is an exclusive offer only through Rock/Creek, so get yours before anyone else on the block, but hurry or you won’t get the 10% off!
So what are you ordering?
The Project Shoe by Five Ten is a new addition to their already super popular climbing shoe line-up. The Project has been designed to be used on overhanging rock, be it the boulders of Rock Town or the roofs of The Obed.
The Project has been designed with Five Ten’s Pretensile Technology that performs around the idea of climbers needing to pull with their feet and use them like hands, and with the Project’s use of the new Stealth Mystique rubber you can grab with your feet like never before. Couple that with the Project’s downturned soles that are thinner than most all other shoes, and you get a seriously sensitive, “other hand” to grab shelves and small footholds while dangling upside down.
Constructed with one hook and loop closure across the top of the foot giving you the ability to tighten as needed without all the bulk of two straps.
A great shoe for hard ascents, so it is likely the Project will be the shoe you grab when trying that route or problem for the nth time.
Maximum sensitivity
Pretensile Technology
Stealth rubber
Only one hook and loop closure for a less bulky feel
Downturned soles are only 2mm thick – while other shoes are usually 4mm
New Stealth Mystique rubber
Hook and loop closure
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