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Fourth Wild Trails grant awarded to the Cumberland Trail Conference

Today, Wild Trails has picked up where they left off last week, announcing the fourth of five recipients for their grant series. This one, also in the amount of $2000, will go to the Cumberland Trail Conference. It is intended to provide funding for the 2011 BreakAway program, which hopes to complete a section of the CT near Chattanooga.

The goal of the 2011 Wild Trails Grant cycle is to support organizations that further the expansion and protection of trails in the greater Chattanooga area. Rock/Creek and Wild Trails are committed to bringing people together who share a passion for the outdoors, and we encourage you to join our efforts to protect trails for future generations.

From the official Wild Trails press release, available here:

The primary objective for the 2011 BreakAway event is to complete the North Chickamauga Gorge segment of the Cumberland Trail. Students from 12 different out-of-state colleges and universities will be traveling to Tennessee for spring break, to help construct trail in Hamilton County between Cooper Creek and Panther Branch. A secondary goal for the week will be trail maintenance in North Chickamauga Gorge and Soddy Gorge. Funds from the Wild Trails grant will offset the various costs of this program. More information on the Cumberland Trail BreakAway program is available from the CTC’s website.

“Once completed, the Cumberland Trail will stretch from Signal Point near Chattanooga north to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park,” said Tony Hook, Executive Director for the Cumberland Trail Conference. “Because of the donation from Wild Trails, and their support of the BreakAway program, the Cumberland Trail project will move another step closer toward this goal.”

These $2000 grants are made possible by the Rock/Creek Trail Series; the 2010 Rock/Creek StumpJump alone raised over $27,000 for trail work in the Chattanooga area! Proceeds from the series also allowed us to give a year-end donation to the Cumberland Trail Conference, another to Friends of the Cumberland Trail, and supplied the funding for the 2011 Wild Trails grant series.

Our 2011 race series is officially in-progress, following the completion of last Sunday’s Southern 6k Trail Race (results here). If you’ve never participated in one of our trail race events and would like to learn more, or just want to see footage from last year’s races, check out our videos on Vimeo or Youtube!

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