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Franklin Baker, Rock/Creek Race Team

Rock/Creek Race Team - Franklin Baker

Name: Franklin Baker

Age: 37

Occupation: Physician Assistant at Center of Integrative Medicine

Years running: 10

Why do you run?  I find it healthy for my mind/body/spirit. My body feels better in motion; my mind is happier and I find time to connect with God.

Favorite place to run:  Smokies! I’m in love with Alum Cave trail up to Leconte to Boulevard to Newfound Gap (roughly 13 gorgous miles!)

Favorite achievement:  6th place at 2016 GDR–Still not sure how I pulled that off

Toughest moment in a race:  Burning river 100 — mile 80 I quit, turned my watch off and told my wife to go get the car. Instead, she sent my friend out with a pair of warm sweats and food. They told me there was no way to get a car to me and I would have to walk out! My mind shifted from quiting to not dying. I got up, put the sweats on, ate some food while I walked and within 1/2 mile somehow was back to runnning. Finished and then realized they’d tricked me! Good one team!

Goals / Schedule 2017:

1. Cloudland canyon 12 miler

2. Mt mitchell 40 miler February

3. Plan to run all trails up/down leconte mountain in the smokies early March

4. Georgia Death Race April

5. Cruel Jewel 100 May

6. SCAR attempt with buddies June/July–Run across smokies on the AT trail , roughly 72 miles with 20,000 ft of vert

7. CO- RD Georgia Jewel 100/50/35/17 with my wife September

8. Stump Jump October

9. Upchuck ( by far my favorite race! Lots of locals/feels like a reunion/grassroot race/minimally supported

10.. Leaving the rest open!

Tips for new runners: Stay consist, make it fun and build slow. Increase your weekly miles by no more than 10% each week. It hurts and feels very uncomfortable for about 3 months but then one day running feels easy. You’ll breath better, enjoy your surroundings more and not feel as much pain. STICK WITH IT! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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