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Ginny Kelly, Rock/Creek Race Team

Name: Ginny Kelly

Age: 40

Occupation: Chattanooga Football Club Sponsorship Director

Years running: 35 years running. 8 years trail running.

Why do you run?

Why do you run? I grew up in Oxford, MS, where my Dad coached football at Ole Miss. He taught me athletic intensity and a never quit attitude that was balanced out by my saxophone-playing, baton-twirling Mom, who gave me my odd sense of humor and continually encouraged me to try new things. Trail running combines the combination of my parents: testing limits while laughing and crying for miles and miles. And of course, being out on a trail is pure magic!

Favorite places to run:

Lookout Mountain and Prentice Cooper, and Sinks Canyon in Lander, WY.

Favorite achievement?

Drinking 7 beers immediately after the Georgia Jewel 35 miler and feeling like a million bucks the next day!

Toughest moment during a run/race?

A DNF. I cried for about 2 hours.

Goals for 2017:

Stay injury free! I’ll be running a half and full marathon in NYC, a 21K in Argentina, a 50K in Wyoming, and random races here and there.

Tips for new runners?

Be patient. Ask questions. Take in your surroundings.


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