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Goodhew Socks & R/C in USA Today

USA Today put up an article yesterday with functional gift ideas for the bike commuter. We were happy to see our friends at Goodhew socks mentioned, along with a link to our site to purchase. Rock/Creek carries every sock Goodhew makes, and we’re confident that you’ll love them. I was happy to see quite a bit of wool mentioned in the article, from Ibex to Goodhew. Here’s what they said:

Goodhew socks ($14.95-$16.95, might seem to be dressy and straitlaced, but they have surprisingly good performance attributes. Goodhews can help you make the tricky transition from commuter bike to corner office. …

If you’re in the market for hiking shoes, check out our current promotion where you can get a free pair of Goodhew socks with any Chaco hiking shoe purchase. While supplies last, so get moving!
Natural merino wool feels great as a baselayer because it responds to your body temperature and has a great natural temperature curve. You’ll feel comfortable at home, on the bike on the way to work, and in the office, with no temperature spikes. Wool is an annually-renewable and sustainable product.
Merino also layers well, with baselayers, midlayers, and outerwear all working together as a system to keep you dry, warm, and comfortable. Merino baselayers allow water vapor to move away from your body before your garment gets wet and feels soggy like cotton does. If you’re ready to try it out, check out our full line of wool tops, wool bottoms, and wool jackets as well.

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