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Grassroots Post #2 on the Piton

Grassroots Outdoor AllianceTurns out yesterday’s post on the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance was prescient. The Piton posted the second interview with Dave Matz today. Check it out here:
One of the most interesting points for me has to do with the impact of specialty retailers, who keep more money in the local economy and have more of a vested interest in the quality of their local environment:

Here is a study that underscores the point we are trying to get across nationally. In 2003 the Civic Economics (a group of economists) did a study in Austin, Texas, comparing two bookstores. One of the stores was a large chain store, the other, an independent, local store.
The study found that every $100 spent at the national store circulated $13 in the Austin economy. The same $100 spent at the local store circulated $45, roughly three times as much, in the Austin economy. (Economic Impact Analysis: A Case Study, Civic Economics, Austin, TX 2002, free for download at ).

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