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Greenhill Finishes Second in Coastal Challenge

costa-rica-javargas_367.jpgThe final race update from Costa Rica’s Coastal Challenge came out this weekend, and Rock/Creek Race Team member Jaclyn Greenhill, who had been fighting it out for six days with Costa Rican Ligia Madrigal, took second place. Madrigal put about thirty minutes on Jaclyn, finishing at 34 hours, 59 minutes. It sounds like she was suffering a bit toward the end. According to the official race report, “American Jaclyn Greenhill traded pole position with Madrigal throughout the six-day race, but pulled back on Friday due to blisters and a sprained ankle. She finished second overall with a time of 35 hours, 31 minutes.”
Congrats Jaclyn! What a great race and an awesome performance. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.
About The Coastal Challenge
The Coastal Challenge is the “World’s Expedition Run™,” releasing runners over approximately 230 kilometers of exotic and wild Costa Rican mountainous regions and rugged coastline. For six days, runners embrace the spirit of adventure, discovery and camaraderie within a long distance running competition while navigating wide river crossings, rainforests, jungles, windswept highlands, beaches, and rock outcroppings. It is an expedition run of epic proportions introducing competitors to the hospitality of the local Tico culture while pushing the limits of their will and endurance. For more information visit

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