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Guest Post: #OFFtheGROUND in ENO Hammocks

The following is a guest post by @ThatOutdoorGuy.

I need to confess something right here, right now: I do not enjoy sleeping on the ground when I’m camping. I don’t. It doesn’t matter which brand of sleeping pad I try. Foam. Inflatable. Inflatable atop foam. Nothing works. So why it took me years of waking with an aching back and very little sleep to consider a hammock is a complete and total mystery to me.

(Enter ENO Hammocks, Stage Right-Way-To-Sleep)

A few dozen pictures between Twitter and Instagram later, and my curiosity got the best of me. I chased, and pursued, and chased and pursued some more until @ENOhammocks noticed and partnered with me, providing me with their highly-recommended Double Nest backcountry hammock, and improved Atlas Suspension System hanging straps.

(I’m pretty sure they took one look at my 240-pound physique and immediately thought, “We’d better send that big ole country boy the BIGGEST hammock that we make!”)

I was so excited when my handsome, two-toned ENO DoubleNest arrived, that I packed it up and took it straight out to the trail. It wasn’t until I unpacked both the hammock and straps that I realized I didn’t have a clue how to safely hang this thing. (Insert laugh track here.) Thankfully, I had a strong signal and watched a very helpful, short YouTube clip on how to do just that. In no time, I was #OFFtheGROUND — my own personal hash tag for when I use my hammock — and in another world.

Gone were the flattened out inflatable sleeping pads, and ineffective-for-my-size foam pads. In their place hung the very hopeful means to a good night’s sleep. So far, I’ve only napped briefly in my Double Nest, but the promise it holds—big ole country boy pun intended—is extremely exciting.

The reality of a successful return to backpacking lies within my grasp, all thanks to stepping outside a paradigm for myself: the lifelong idea that camping has to involve sleeping on the hard, unforgiving ground.

For those of you who have no trouble whatsoever sleeping on your pad — whatever the type — thank your lucky stars.

But, for those of you who find yourself tossing and turning, never able to experience a good night’s sleep, and like me, wake with an aching back, a crick in your neck, or some sore appendage, do yourself a favor and stop by Rock Creek, and check out the wide variety of ENO Hammocks they stock. I hope you’ll be glad you did, and can join both the #hammocklife, as well as the quickly-growing #OFFtheGROUND Club.


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