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How to use the Eagle Creek Pack-It system to defeat clutter and survive your vacation

Whenever I travel — which is often, because I have friends out west and family in the northeast — I find myself in a bit of a bind. It seems that, no matter how neatly I pack my luggage at the beginning of my trip, the second I step off of the plane things start to degenerate rapidly. Stuff moves around, unfolds itself, or disappears entirely until I unpack the whole bag looking for it. I’ll remove 3 items from my carry-on, and find it virtually impossible to cram the same 3 items back into the bag. How does that even happen?

I’ve tried rolling my clothes instead of folding, I’ve tried using stuff sacks that are invariably round and don’t nest well into a rectangular bag, I’ve tried using an entire box of Ziploc bags. Eventually, I became frustrated, and just stopped packing anything at all. Extra shoes? Forget it. Extra shirt? Bah, I’ll wear this one for a week. Predictably, people stopped asking me to come visit.

Enter the Eagle Creek Pack-It System, which should probably be called the Greatest Thing Ever System. Forget about scouring google for packing instructions; this stuff doesn’t need any instructions. The Pack-It system is, fundamentally, a collection of organizers that allow you to keep your life in order while you’re traveling.

The collection includes an ingenious range of folders — which allow you to stack and store your clothing neatly — cubes and organizers which work well with the rectangular shape of your luggage, toiletry kits, and zippered sacs that put Ziploc bags to shame. It’s worth watching the video below just for an example of how the folders work, which is seriously brilliant.

So, problem solved: organize your gear in folders, cubes and sacs, then load these items into your baggage. It’ll be much easier to find what you’re looking for, keep everything in its place and make sure you can still zip your luggage closed. Of course, if you’re looking for something nicer to load your new Pack-It products into, Eagle Creek makes awesome luggage and travel bags; we recommend the Eagle Creek ORV 25 or the Eagle Creek ORV 30 wheeled luggage.

Eagle Creek products are available at Rock/Creek and In fact, some of them are on sale right now as part of our Independence Day Sale! If you’d like more information about the Eagle Creek Pack-It System, check out the video below, which breaks down each component:


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