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How to Stay Psyched on Your Next Hike: Eat & Hydrate Properly

Hiking or backpacking through our natural areas can be some of the best times you ever spend in the outdoors. That unexpected animal siting, a midday swim below a waterfall, or a spectacular sunset can make lifelong memories. But in order to make your experience memorable for good reasons, you have to plan your nutrition and hydration properly. This article from Rock/Creek Race Team member Josh Wheeler goes over what you’ll need to stay comfortable and healhty on your next adventure.

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Hiking Hydration: Carrying, Finding, and Treating Water

Proper hydration is at the forefront of any activity you plan to participate in, whether you’re in the outdoors or not. If your body is in motion, then you need to make sure that you are hydrated. Water is essential to the human body. 60-70% of our body mass is water, up to 90% of our brain mass is water, and up to 75% of muscle tissue is comprised of water. Water is also the main component of blood