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Jobie Williams, Rock/Creek Race Team

Rock/Creek 2017 Race Team - Jobie Williams

Name: Jobie Williams

Age: 45

Occupation: VP Treasurer

Years running: 20

Why do you run?

For the stories.

Favorite places to run:

Percy Warner Park, Long Hunter State Park, Cumberland Trail

Favorite accomplishments?

I’ve made at least one new friend at every trail race I’ve run.

Toughest moment during a run/race?

By far the toughest moment I’ve experienced lately was on a traverse of the Art Loeb trail last year. Not sure what was going on other than having the worst day of fitness ever coupled with making one bad decision after another. Our group lost connection with one another at one point – I was in the group without the map. Only one of us carried a headlamp because our egos had us finishing well before dark – we ended up running about 5 miles with one headlamp for three people. It took forever. Probably need to go try that one again…

Goals for 2017?

I’m planning on doing several day-long adventures this year. Most of these will be based on the premise of “this sounds like a stupid thing to do, but…” As for races, I’d like to do my 5th Upchuck 50K and I’ve already blocked off December 2nd 2017 for the second running of the R/C Stillhouse 100K. Oh yeah, I also signed up for Fat Dog 120.

Tips for new runners?

The absolute worst part is the minute before you start. Once you start, its just running. You go whatever speed you can go, for however long you can go. I get slightly jealous of new runners because there is so much learning in those first years – learning about running but mostly just learning about yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

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