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John Brower, Rock/Creek Race Team

Rock/Creek 2017 Race Team - John Brower

Name: John Brower

Age: 41

Occupation: Licensed Professional Counselor

Years running: 17

Why do you run?

I may not always be at the top, but I always try and do my best, and enjoy each step. The pursuit of the sport has given me life-experiences and life-lessons on perseverance, discipline, and endurance that I would have been hard-pressed to learn elsewhere. I have been able to learn about myself, about who I am, about who the Lord has created me to be…in the great spirit of Eric Liddell, when I run, I feel God’s pleasure.

Favorite places to run:

Great Smoky Mountains


Favorite achievement?

Finishing my first ultra in 2004…Stumpjump 50k!

Toughest moment during a run/race?

Having to take a 154-mile dnf due to a potential stress fracture in my leg at the Colorado 200.

Goals for 2017?

1/14 – 24 hours of Hostelity
1/28 – Frosty 15M
2/25 – Mt Cheaha 50K
3/4 – Mississippi 50M
3/18 – Lake Martin 100M
4/29 – GFL
5/19 – Cruel Jewel 100M
8/4 – Ouray 100M
10/7 – Stumpjump 50K
10/21 – Big Backyard Ultra – last man standing
12/2 – Stillhouse 100k

Tips for new runners?

With ultra running there’s good and there’s bad…when it’s bad, just keep going til it gets good again!

John at the ’16 Stillhouse 100k


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