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John Anderson Joins Rock/Creek Race Team

We’d like to welcome our latest Rock/Creek Race team member, John Anderson. John is an old friend of Rock/Creek and we’re happy to have him on the team. Here’s his bio:

John Anderson

Occupation: Medical Student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Why I run:  I grew up tramping around the mountains of Tennessee, and the enthusiasm and direction finding skills of my running friends and brother resulted in some unintentional ultras. 

“There is a root communication shared in miles spent in the woods and a seemingly paradoxical camaraderie among runners that comes from individual suffering and elation. I find ultraraces to be a family affair.”

Conversations, jokes, and even silent support abound in every race I’ve run (although the jokes seem to get funnier around mile 70, which is good for me because the only people that seem to laugh at my jokes are ultrarunners and very small children). Even the periods of solitary miles allow time to connect with the inner being through the pain of the body.  Essentially, running is simple, running is primal and running is fun.

Favorite Runs: Grand Lake Loop Rocky Mtn National Park–a 36ish mile loop up and over the Continental Divide, dropping into Grand Lake for a swim at halfway. Also, running in Prentice-Cooper in the fall.

Tips:  Ultras are long.  You will have a rough stretch, and your success is dependent on how you react because it will eventually pass.  You have to train how you race–eat the same foods, run in the dark, run alone, run with a pacer, run through creeks, etc.  Embrace the places where both your body and mind go because they truly are unique and indescribable.


6th overall 2007 Wasatch Front 100 23:15

2nd overall 2007 Spring Desert Ultra 50 7:47

2nd overall 2007 Old Pueblo 50 7:29

4th overall 2007 Ashland Mountain Climb

Farthest Projectile Vomiting–2007 Hardrock 100

plus lots of other high finishes in the last three years in different races (Zane Grey, Leadville, StumpJump, etc.)

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