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Kathy Johns Joins Race Team

Kathy Johns running Kathy Johns

Occupation:  Medical Assistant

Favorite trail nourishment: Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gel

Favorite Run:  Prentice Cooper Wilderness Area is absolutely unbeatable!  The single-track trail has a variety of terrain and breathtaking views that make it, in my opinion, the epitome of trail running at its best.  It is a personal favorite no matter how many times I do it; a familiar and beautiful playground of forest, rock, and creek crossings.   

What I Like Most about Running:  Pushing myself past any limit I thought possible, mentally and physically.  Moments of both pure exhilaration and dire pain have their place in endurance trail running and I love to see what the human body is capable of achieving when pushed to its seemingly maximum threshold.  Not to mention, you get to explore vast areas of beautiful wilderness that most people never have the pleasure of experiencing. 

Tips for other Runners“Figure out what motivates you.  Use it to your advantage.  For me, working towards events alleviates the monotony of daily training.  The love of a long Saturday morning run keeps me motivated to never lose my base mileage.  Running is mostly mental.  At any point in time, your mind and emotions can work for or against you.  Get familiar with your mental patterns and learn how to harness them as a tool to keep yourself in the game.”

Significant Races and Other Achievements:

Rock/Creek River Gorge Race

Mountain Mist 50K

NOC/Subaru 21 mile Endurance Run

Rock/Creek StumpJump 50K

Nashville Country Music Marathon, Half Marathon, and other various road races.

Training runs that were often harder than any event!

Goals for