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Lookout Mountain Race Testimonials

Made it home fine…I hope you guys have gotten some rest!  I tried to sincerely thank all the volunteers at the various aid stations, WHAT a sacrifice for them!  Standing out in the pouring rain all day and night some that some of us could play in the woods.  Much appreciated.

I would love to jot down a short race report…I’ll send it in the next few days.

You and Randy did a fantastic job (of course)…

This race is destined to be a classic…heck it already is!




I can honestly say the start of the Lookout 100K is the most beautiful of any ultra in which I have ever competed.

DeWayne Satterfield


Thanks for directing a memorable race.  The Lookout Mountain 100k was a beautiful course and the volunteers were amazing.  Have a great holiday.  Michael McKenna


Hey there – GREAT race!  I only did the 10K, but loved it.  Great job with all your work – hope it becomes a regular event.  Matt McLelland


Kris just wanted to send a quick email thanking you and your husband for an absolutely excellent racing experience. It was absolutely incredible.

All the trails were awesome as well as all the support.

Again thanks for a great day in TN.  Ryan Jones


Kris and Randy,

You all put on a runner’s race. What more could one ask for? If I were to ever try a 100k (which is not in the foreseeable future), I would pick this race. And if I am in town this summer, I will definitely plan on the stage race, regardless if I have trained or not!

Hope you all recover quickly. Happy Holidays to you both as well.

Patricia Smith


Thank YOU for putting on such a great event!

Beyond the event itself, it really served to showcase Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain and to increase the awareness of the trails, natural beauty and potential for the area. It’s a treasure.

I loved the 10K course, especially the narrow trail through azalea overgrowth along the stream. It was a great idea that you had the start at the waterfall. I’ve never seen it so full. The trail from Lula Lake to Covenant was also great. It was fun to run it on my own later and meet and cheer on so many runners coming from Covenant to Lula Lake. The stream crossing was a rush!

Jim Johnson


Thanks so much for putting on the race.

The trails were great, nothing like we have around here (in Florida).

With this being my first attempt at running longer than about 35 miles and at night on something other than familiar paved roads I was worried how the race would go but it went great. The first couple hours in the dark were more than a little challenging but when we hit the last six miles of easier trail to the finish I was actually able to loosely speaking run it. Other than one toenail (which are overrated), everything feels great. My only suggestion for next year is advertise a 38 mile race as well. A lot of people seemed to think that was a good stopping point and I know Paul would have been more likely to run if you had something between the 10 & 100k.

Thank you again for putting on such great races all year and hopefully next spring I will be more successful dragging some of the guys from here up there for the shorter races.  Scott Griffith


Thank-you so much for the great run on Saturday! The climb up to High Point was quite a challenge in the muck, but getting to the top was so cool – I am sure the views are typically great, but at that time of evening and with the weather, it just seemed like a misty gray abyss.

I was by myself, so it felt like I was the only person on earth

. . .very surreal.

Hope you have a good Christmas!



“Thanks for such a stellar event!  Everything was great: the volunteers, aid, the beautiful course.  I will be back next year with some of my friends :)” Rebecca Reynolds


I had such a wonderful time during the race.  The race was challenging (especially the second half!), the trails were great, and the organization was top notch.  I am so glad that I came out from Chicago for this race.

You definitely showed a flat-lander a good time.

Jennifer Aradi


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