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Meet our Newest Race Team Members

We have two new race team members to welcome, Matt Karzen and Stephen Taylor. We’re proud to have these guys on the Rock/Creek Race Team. If you happen to see Matt at Leadville next month, or if you’re subjected to one of Stephen’s grueling triathlon training sessions, congratulate them on joining the team.

Stephen TaylorStephen Taylor

Occupation: Fitness Trainer and Endurance Coach

Stephen’s ultra running highlights:



72 Mile Appalacian Trail Run in the Smoky Mountains with Jamie Dial 

Boston Marathon 2:47 (in a Noreasterner)

Mount Mitchell 3rd

Mountain Mist 3rd 



Stumpjump 50K (my first ultra)



Ironman: 9:37

Marathon 2:44

Half Ironman 4:22

Half Marathon 1:17


Stephen Taylor comes from a competitive running and triathlon background.  After spending the last few years doing 6 ironman tris, he has found his strongest passion with ultra trail running.


What I like best about running: I like how ultrarunning is an adventure within yourself.  Some people travel the world, and ultra racing has taken me to some beautiful places, but the most interesting things I have learned were about my own capabilities.


“I am especially impressed with the cool culture of ultrarunning.  I have greatly enjoyed training runs with the Rock/Creek Race Team and I am honored to be involved.  The races are so much more chill than triathlons that it is hard to even get motivated to swim and bike.”


Tips for other runners: Learn to use your emotions as a source of information and strength.  If you are dreading training, then your body is telling you something.  If you happen to have a super competitve personality (and I won’t name any names) then you better be especially vigilant to hold back early in an ultra.  Then when it is time for the 4th quarter smackdown, activate whatever emotions you need to endure the suffering. 


I credit Jamie Dial with introducing me to trail ultras.  I moved here from Missouri in a bit of a funk after having a bad race in Ironman Arizona.  The first weekend I was in town we ran the Fiery Gizzard Trail with Chad Wamack–in the dark.  I was instantly hooked.  He continues to mentor and push me.  I cherish the many 4th Quarter Smackdown workouts we do.

Matt Karzen running Pikes Peak MarathonMatt Karzen

Athens, GA

: 40

Raised in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Matt moved to GA in 2002 to be near his wife’s family. After working as a professional ski patroller at Steamboat, law school and a decade as a D.A., he became the sole proprietor of a small law practice in Athens.

“I am a big fan of Rock/Creek’s outdoor presence in the southeast, particularly their commitment to trail running and preserving our opportunities to get out and get dirty.” 

“I also think Stump Jump is a killer fun race – well done.  I’ve been running regular and hard for a few years now, after a lengthy hiatus of laziness, early fatherhood and schooling.  I have ramped up my mileage over the past few months – currently at about 70-80 per week, in preparation for the Leadville 100, and assuming good health, I am looking to get some good results this fall and winter at the trail 50K and marathon distances.”

Races or Other Significant Accomplishments:

2005 Pine Mountain 50 Mile Trail Run (13th);

2006 Oak Mountain 50K (11th); Stump Jump 50K (20th); Pikes Peak Marathon (under 6 hours); Heritage Park Xterra Scramble Trail 5K (3rd, 1st Master)

2007 Black Mountain Marathon (13th); Oak Mountain 50K (7th)

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  1. I work as Matt’s legal assistant. He is the most dedicated person I know, in his work as an attorney, in his family life and in his running. Good luck at Leadville!

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