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New Protocol for Climbers at Montlake’s Stone Fort/ LRC (Effective 7/1/10)

Beginning July 1, 2010 Montlake will be making changes that will affect protocol/fees for climbers visiting Stone Fort/ Little Rock City (LRC)-
TripleCrown09 046Currently, climbers pay $5 for parking and cars/climbers are limited on a daily allotment of passes. Effective July 1st…
There is a $3 Day Use Fee for Climbers and No Parking Fee. For those who climb on a regular basis, a year pass has been created for $120. Good for a year through June/July 2011. Climbers may purchase the year pass at the Montlake clubhouse and MUST be purchased by July 1st, 2010.
These price changes will be more affordable than the current rate ($5/car) for ‘lone boulderers’… and the year pass will certainly reduce costs for local climbers who frequently visit the boulderfield. If you visit Stone Fort/LRC more than 40 times a year (several folks visited more than 100 days in the past year) then this should be a good option to consider.
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