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New Sustainable Shoe Company Pushes the END-velope

Rock/Creek announces that it is one of the first retailers in the country to carry END outdoor, a new line of performance footwear dedicated to minimizing the environmental footprint of shoe manufacturing. Unlike many other footwear companies, END has chosen to rework the design process by focusing on ways to reduce material use while continuing to get the high performance that athletes need. The designs go back to the basics, questioning all unnecessary complexity, which leads to less weight, less complicated seams that can eventually fail, and less glue that has to be used.
END’s leading model is the Stumptown, with light hiking and trail running versions. Amazingly light at 8.5, 10, or 12 ounces, these running shoes are some of the lightest on the market. They also have some great sandals.
END just put out a new video on facebook where they go through the factory in China and spell out exactly what they’ve done to help reduce impact.
Shop for END running shoes, hiking shoes, and sandals at Rock/Creek >

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