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NEW VIDEO: The Beta Series: Beta #5 Alfred Hitchcock at Hound Ears, NC

“Climbing is a metaphor for life”,
” If you can climb mountains, you can conquer anything”,
“you can solve anything while out on a run, sometimes the run just has to be a little longer’ ~Krissy Moehl

All these quotes emphasize a harmony between a peace- of- mind and nature. Being outside has an amazing way of drawing out our strengths, offering reflection and empowering us through life’s difficulties.

In the continuation of the Beta Series for the 2010 Triple Crown Bouldering Series, here’s Beta #5: Jim Toomey on the classic V4 arete, Alfred Hitchcock at Hound Ears, NC. The video is a look into one man’s battle against cancer and how climbing and nature assisted him through the tough times.

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Get inspired, get the Beta, and look for the next one to come from Andrew Kornylak:

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