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Now available: Patagonia GORE-TEX jackets!

Patagonia and GORE-TEX® are finally together (again), after several years apart, in one of the most-anticipated launches for the season. These fall 2011 Patagonia GORE-TEX® jackets have just arrived at Rock/Creek! Here’s a quick rundown of fall’s Patagonia GORE-TEX® line; read on, or skip right to Patagonia GORE-TEX® at to shop the new jackets.

First and foremost, the new line of Patagonia GORE-TEX® Pro Shells are… incredible. The Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket is the rebirth of a classic alpine shell, a big-mountain suit of armor for the worst conditions imaginable. This is a 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell, extremely light but built for maximum durability and reinforced in potential wear areas. The Women’s Super Alpine Jacket is here, too!

This jacket utilizes the lightest and most durable nylon fabrics available, giving you the highest level of waterproof/breathable protection without sacrificing comfort. The flat-pleated front keeps the jacket close to your body so you can see your feet; unlike many jackets with a trim “alpine” fit, however, you can still fit stuff in the pockets! Watertight zippers on the pockets and pit zips are laminated into place, reducing both weight and bulk. This is absolutely top-of-the-line stuff.

Paired with the Super Alpine Jacket, the Patagonia Super Alpine Bibs provide full-coverage for long, cold days in the mountains, using the same high-performance 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro construction. Available for men or women, these are full-featured and meticulously designed. The lower legs are compatible with ski boots and include internal gaiters, scuff guards, tie-down loops and a shock-cord adjustment for a custom fit.

Of course, if the 17.6oz Super Alpine jacket is too heavy for you, the men’s Patagonia Super Pluma Jacket hacks a few ounces off of that figure, to 14.8 oz.

Less than 15 ounces for a GORE-TEX® Pro Shell jacket? Yep. Intended for ultralight alpinists planning long ascents, it’s hard to imagine a true 3-layer waterproof/breathable jacket being any lighter than this. This is the ultimate minimalist shell jacket, for fast-and-light trips to far-away places that most of us have never even heard of. Breathability is enhanced by a micro-grid interior layer, and the Y-joint sleeve keeps the jacket from lifting when your arms do.

Let’s not limit our discussion to high-end GORE-TEX® Pro Shells, however, because Patagonia GORE-TEX® Performance Shells are also here at last!

The Patagonia Men’s Piolet Jacket and Patagonia Women’s Piolet Jacket take a 2-layer GORE-TEX construction and add a separate, “hanging” inner liner for ultimate comfort and abrasion resistance. With a DWR coating, low-profile pit zips, 3 external pockets and an internal security pocket, this jacket does everything but carry your snowshoes for you.

Not to be outdone, the Patagonia Men’s Triolet Jacket and Patagonia Women’s Triolet Jacket forego the hanging liner for a robust, 3-layer GORE-TEX® shell construction. It’s your go-anywhere, do-anything waterproof shell, with all of the features you need: an adjustable, helmet-compatible hood with visor, Patagonia’s patented “Touch Point” adjustment system, pockets compatible with climbing harnesses and packs, DWR finish, low-profile watertight zippers on the pit zips and 4 external pockets, gusseted sleeve cuffs, etc. Also available are a Men’s Triolet Pant and Women’s Triolet Pant.

Along with the GORE-TEX® Pro & GORE-TEX® Performance shells listed above, Patagonia is also introducing a line of GORE-TEX® Windstopper “insulated shell” pieces. These Patagonia Windstopper jackets combine PrimaLoft insulation with the Windstopper insulated shell exterior for a result that is warm, light, compressible and highly weather-resistant.

The Patagonia Solar Wind Jacket, also available in a women’s version, is a lightweight insulated jacket that features a 60g PrimaLoft for windproof, breathable comfort. A quilted lining keeps the insulation in-place. Upping the ante a bit, the Patagonia Winter Sun Hoody for men or women uses 100g PrimaLoft and adds an insulated hood for superior warmth in cold, windy conditions.

Both jackets are awesome, versatile pieces for situations when you don’t need a hardshell; why pair a synthetic insulation layer with a “hard” shell jacket, when you just need lightweight warmth and wind protection and can achieve both of these with one layer? As you’d expect from Patagonia, the level of attention to detail is tremendous, and the manufacturing quality is beyond compare.

For the Fall 2011 season, Patagonia’s objective was to create best-in-class technical outerwear for alpine environments, and they’ve recaptured the technical simplicity and matchless construction of the original mid-90s GORE-TEX® Super Alpine jacket and Super Pluma jacket. These are sure to be iconic hardshells, and they’re here right now at Rock/Creek. Please note: these are still arriving, so not all colors / sizes / styles are yet available!


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