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Our 6-day Patagonia sale starts today!

Take 20% off all Spring 2013 Patagonia styles at our biggest sale of the season!


Men’s Clothing
20% off Patagonia
Women’s Clothing
20% off Patagonia
Board Shorts
Summer is coming!
Skirts & Dresses
New styles & favorites

From now until Saturday, take 20% off any and all Spring 2013 Patagonia clothing or gear at Rock/Creek! Need help choosing? We’ve hand-picked some customer favorites and staff picks for you:

20% off: Men’s
Puckerware Shirt
20% off: Women’s
Lithia Skirt
20% off: Men’s
Stand-up Shorts
20% off: Women’s
Active Hipster

~ New for 2013 ~
20% off: Men’s
Strider Pro Shorts
20% off: Women’s
Margot Dress
20% off: Men’s
Trout Fitz Roy Polo
20% off: Women’s
Kamala Skirt

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