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Paige Claassen & Marmot’s Lead Now Tour

We’re excited to announce that we’ll host Paige Claassen to talk about her experience on Marmot’s Lead Now Tour. She’ll be coming to Chattanooga during RiverRocks and will present at High Point Climbing & Fitness on October 24th as part of the festivities around the Triple Crown of Bouldering. Check out Rock/Creek’s events on Facebook to keep in touch and RSVP for this event.

Marmot’s Lead Now Tour – HIGHLIGHTS from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

With a one month deadline in each country, professional climber Paige Claassen travels around the globe with production company Louder Than 11 ( to attempt 5.14 sport routes and raise money for 11 different non profit organizations. After 9 months of travel through South Africa, Russia, Italy, Japan, China, India, Turkey, Ecuador, and Chile, the Lead Now team raised over $18,000 for global organizations supporting women and children through Paige’s ascents. Revisit the crowning moments of Lead Now, from first ascents to African tribal dances, monkeys, volcanos, and beyond.

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Donate to one of eleven non profit organizations supporting women and children around the world at

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Paige describes herself as someone who wasn’t good at sports growing up, so when she found climbing at the age of nine she had found her place in life. She started competing and discovered that she did well under the pressure of climbing comps. For ten years she spent her spare time working away in the gym and traveling for comps. She started traveling internationally to compete in the summers for both the youth and adult World Championships. She’s been working on some big, difficult routes outside for the last few years and graduated college with a BA in Marketing. Since December 2012 when she graduated she’s been on this world tour and is excited to bring back video based on the climbing she did and the non profit initiatives supporting women and children.

We’ll post more details as we get them, but if you watch the video you’ll see that this is going to rock. We’re excited to have Paige and thanks Marmot for making it happen! Marmot makes some of the best outdoor clothing and equipment around, and we’ve been working with them for years to bring exciting opportunities to Chattanooga’s outdoor scene. The evening will be a collaboration between several of our favorite outdoor clubs and businesses. We’ve been talking to Paige today and she just landed back in the US today. We’ll post an interview about her experience on this world tour in the coming week. Besides the climbing, just the travel should be interesting. We’re looking forward to hearing about what new foods she tried, who she met along the way, and what she saw from the various nonprofits she helped to raise funds for during the tour.

Stay tuned!

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