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Patagonia sale styles are going fast — don’t miss out!

Final Patagonia closeout, up to 50% off... don't miss out!

A week into our winter Patagonia clearance, popular styles are going fast (or are already gone!) and we thought this would be a good opportunity to provide an update and highlight some great deals that do remain.

The women’s Patagonia Pelage Jacket was one of our best-sellers this winter and last winter, as well; we still have a handful of these left, and with several months of cold weather remaining you’ll have the chance to wear this one frequently. Unique cutting-edge “curly fleece,” windproof lining and a steal at 40% off.

The men’s Patagonia Hopper Jacket draws more attention in our stores than almost any other jacket. Why haven’t you heard of it before? Because it’s brand new this season, which means you don’t have to wear the same Patagonia jacket your dad does. That’s a good thing, right? 50% off for a very limited time.

We have a fantastic selection remaining of women’s down parkas — check out the Fiona Down Parka, Downtown Loft Parka and Down With It Parka. All three are 35% off in select colors and sizes, and all three will keep you super warm through the cold, blustery months that remain this winter.

The Patagonia men’s long-sleeve Pima Cotton Shirt is a favorite every year, and still available at 30% off. We’re starting to run out of certain sizes and colors, especially medium, so time is running out to take advantage of this pricing. I’m a fan of Gallup: Classic Tan, personally.

Patagonia makes some of the highest-quality outdoor clothing available, and we frequently hear from customers who say they save their money for Patagonia sales so they can afford the best. Well that Patagonia Sale is happening right now, which means now is your chance to do the same! If you need help choosing, call (888-707-6708) or email our customer service team, or check out our guide to Patagonia fleece jackets.



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