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Patagonia Day Packs for Dry Destinations and Wet Adventures


Sometimes, while scurrying out my door for work, I could be mistaken for a bag lady because of the multiple items I need through out the stages of my day. (There’s my side sling purse, canvas tote for lunch and snacks, computer shoulder bag, change of clothes for the climbing gym, and lastly, my climbing gear pack.) To simplify the circus display of juggling all these bags and accessories, I propose the following Patagonia Day Packs which condense a full day’s activities into all but one or two bags.
Whether your adventures take you across land or sea, Patagonia’s Day Pack Selection offer protection from the elements, quality construction, and purposeful design to accommodate your every day needs.

New for 2010, are Patagonia’s Chacabuco Pack 32L, Fuego Pack 32L, Refugio Pack 28L, Atacama Pack 28L, and the smaller Yerba Pack 22L.

The Chacabuco Pack is a 32L day pack made with burly-rugged 420-denier Nylon and has a Deluge® DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. Some highlights on the features are: 3 compartments with a padded back sleeve for a 17” or smaller laptop or hydration bladder which closes with a buckle- not velcro, sternum and waist straps for added fit and snugness. There is a top zippered fleece-lined pocket for audio devices, sunglasses or phones, as well as what I affectionately call the “crap where’d I put my keys” pocket on the top portion of the front compartment for an easy grab. Two stretch pockets on either side are deep enough so your water bottles don’t tump out, compression straps with buckles on either side to secure your load, and bottom compression straps for carrying yoga mats, sleeping pads and the like if you choose to use the Chacabuco Pack for a quick overnight bag.


Patagonia’s Fuego Pack 32L seems to allow more room for everything compared to the Chacabuco Pack which is also 32L. The Fuego Pack is roomier and deeper in the main compartment, yet holds a 17” laptop or smaller in it’s raised sleeve that closes with a buckle and is also hydration bladder compatable with a tube port. Other features include a micro fleece lined pocket for sunglasses and exterior stash pocket for food bars or nick-nacks. The organizational pocket on the front makes this pack ideal for students, commuters or mountain goers and a buckled quick stash pocket on front offers room for a rain jacket; along with the sternum and waits webbing belts which add to the pack’s secure fit.

Patagonia’s Refugio 28L takes the size of a pack down a notch, but doesn’t compormise storage and carrying ability. A leaner fit, with less bulk, the Refugio is ideal for the lighter load traveler. With 3 compartments, commuters may still zip around town with the protective laptop sleeve secured by a buckle, however, the organization pocket includes a deeper setting for keeping more accessories and there is only a sternum strap for securing tightly. Unique to the Refugio 28L is the front vertical zipper pocket for quick access to needed layers, a small medical kit, keys or wallet. A neat feature to this front verticle pocket, is a small horizontal catch mesh pocket to protect your items from spilling out when being held vertical (Good thinking Patagonia!) A V-Pull compression system tacked on the sides of the pack, sits above the stretch water bottle pockets to keep all items close and secure.


If you are like me, and your version of waterproofing a backpack’s compartment is to use a plastic grocery bag, maybe you should consider the Atacama Pack 28L. This two compartment daypack has a waterproof barrier that separates the inside pocket from the wet items in the outside pocket, along with side vents; so bye bye plastic bags. The main compartment offers organization pockets on the opposite side of the 17” laptop sleeve which also fits a hydration bladder. Stretch pockets on the sides prevent your water bottles from tipping out, and unique horizontal straps on the front allow you to cinch down a layering piece or carry a skateboard.
V-Pull compression is on the sides, as well as sternum and waist webbing for a secured fit.

For our minimalists out there (whom I secretly envy due to my bag-lady status) simplicity may be found in the Patagonia Yerba Pack 22L. This day pack still features some great qualities like the rest of the packs, but keeps the bulk and space at a limit. The Yerba Pack is a single compartment backpack has internal organizational pockets on the opposite side of the 17” laptop compatible sleeve. A fleece lined sunglass pocket to protect your audio devices or shades, and external stash pocket with stretch panels to stuff a layer or rain shell. For days on the trail, leave the laptop at home and use the buckled elevated sleeve for a hydration system. Top off the Yerba Pack with a Deluge® DWR treatment, and you are ready to hit the streets or the trials.

From Patagonia, these day packs are sure to aid any adventure goer, to go a little longer and a little harder, knowing their posessions and items are secure and protected from the rain, water, and dry lands. The retro colors match any outfit for the ladies, and remain gender neutral enough for the gents.

Rock/Creek is certain you will find the right day pack for your needs, at a great price.
Enjoy the world out there!

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