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Preliminary results from the Scenic City Trail Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

UPDATE: full results are now available:
      Rock/Creek Scenic City Trail Marathon
      Rock/Creek Scenic City 1/2 Marathon

Some race photos are available here (more coming soon):
      Photos by Rock/Creek’s Jeff Bartlett

Well, the Rock/Creek Scenic City Trail Marathon is in the books, and if you’ve never seen 550 runners streaming through the woods on what turned out to be a 90-degree day, you missed out! This event just gets bigger and bigger every year, and it’s easy to see why.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top finishers for both race distances, while we await the full official race results, to get you up to speed:

Aaron Saft is dominating the Rock/Creek trail series right now, following up his course record at the Rock/Creek River Gorge trail race with a convincing win in the Scenic City Trail Marathon. His winning time of 2:47:44 works out to 6:24 minutes-per-mile! Second-place finisher Josh Wheeler, of the Rock/Creek race team, joined Aaron as the only two runners finishing in less than 3 hours.

The story of the day, however, has to be the Rock/Creek Race Team’s Sarah Woerner. Her time — 3:13:34 — absolutely obliterates the old women’s race record, by about 25 minutes. She finished fifth overall, more than 40 minutes ahead of the second-place female runner! Sarah, we’re in awe.

Speaking of awe, our sponsors were awesome: Vasque, Salomon, SmartWool, Marmot, Toyota, The North Face, Patagonia, Greenlife Grocery, and Hammer Nutrition basically made this event happen!

Nuun active hydration had a tent set up right at the finish line to make sure everyone had a chance to rehydrate on what turned out to be a pretty hot day. SmartWool gave away more socks than I could even count; The North Face, Vasque, and Salomon all gave away shoes as well. Greenlife had a great setup with fresh fruit for everyone, which everyone appreciated!

Here are the preliminary (unofficial) results:

Men’s Trail Marathon:

  • Aaaron Saft, age 33 (2:47:44)
  • Josh Wheeler, age 23 (2:56:24)
  • Feb Boswell, age 35 (3:01:17)

Women’s Trail Marathon:

  • Sarah Woerner, age 21 (3:13:34, women’s race record)
  • Malinda Honkus, age 41 (3:54:40)
  • Jennings Garry, age 36 (3:54:59)

Men’s Trail Marathon, Masters age group:

  • Lance Steele, age 48 (3:21:32)
  • Tim Vinson, age 46 (3:24:54)
  • John Mollenhour, age 55 (3:51:19)

Women’s masters top finishers not yet available


Men’s 1/2 Marathon:

  • Daniel Mueller, age 24 (1:16:51, race record)
  • Theodore Towse, age 39 (1:18:17)
  • Jacob Bradley, age 20 (1:21:15)

Women’s 1/2 Marathon:

  • Sue Kelly, age 50 (1:38:06)
  • Theresa Saupe, age 48 (1:43:07)
  • Elizabeth Callaway, age 23 (1:43:27)

Men’s 1/2 Marathon, Master’s age group:

  • Ken Youngers, age 54 (1:27:05)
  • Johnny Pryor, age 50 (1:37:33)
  • Thomas Herring, age 45 (1:41:09)

Women’s 1/2 Marathon, Master’s age group:

  • Jan Gautier, age 45 (1:44:13)
  • Cecilia Wigal, age 48 (1:47:13)
  • JoEllen Carter, age 48 (2:06:01)

Keep an eye on this blog, as we’ll post the full race results as soon as they are available, as well as a full recap of the race on Monday!

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  1. Thanks to Kris & Randy Whorton for their leadership & to Dr. Eric Clark, Dr. Adams & Wes for their assistance at the Archer PT Med. Tent & on the course today. We’re still awaiting the sweeper w/ the last few runners.

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