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Protecting Your Dog from the Harsh Winter

For most people the easiest way to survive a harsh winter is to simply stay inside. For dogs (and dog-owners) that’s just not possible. Whether just for a quick walk or an afternoon playdate in the snow, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to keep your pup safe this time of year, and we’ve asked some of our furry friends to help us do it.

Paw Protection

Dog’s paws are more delicate than you might think. Freezing temperatures and cold surfaces like snow and ice can cause cracking, breakage and even frostbite. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to protect their paws from the cold like dog-boots (yes, that’s a thing) and paw-wax. Koda and Moose love Musher’s Secret, a waxy balm originally developed for sled-dogs that provides a breathable barrier between paw-pads and the harshness of the ice and snow. Check your local or online pet-store for similar products.

Koda loving the cold-weather in Iowa by Emma Krostal

Winter Apparel

 While the need for outer protection depends entirely on breed, size and length of coat, many dog-owners will utilize sweaters or jackets to give their furry friends a little extra layer of warmth during this season, especially if they’re typically reluctant to go outside in the cold. Read this helpful article from Pet MD to determine whether or not you should consider expanding your dog’s winter wardrobe.

Phoebe ready for a walk by Julia Jackson

Pet-Safe Ice-Melt

Most driveway salts contain harmful chemicals and, well, salt; both of which can be extremely harmful to your dog’s paws and, if ingested, your dog. Ice-melt is a type of driveway salt that doesn’t actually contain any salt or harmful chlorides. Ice-melt is becoming extremely common, and most brands can be found at your local pet-store or hardware store. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help much if you’re venturing away from the homestead. If you walk your pup anywhere that appears to be salted, be sure to wipe their paws off with warm water when you get home.

Willow in her element by Christian Krostal

Paul Anka is very small and would rather stay inside by Daun Blain

These are just some of our favorite tips, but we would love to hear yours! Tell us in the comments below.

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