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Race Team Member Owen Bradley Finishes 4th at Headlands Hundred

On the weekend of August 7th, 2010, Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Owen Bradley from Birmingham, AL, traveled to Rodeo Beach, Golden Gate National Recreation, CA for the Headlands Hundred. Below is the Twitter Feed updates from Owen Bradley’s crew, Hannah Pate, as he made his first go at a 100 mile race. He finished 4th overall with 21:32
Great work Owen! ~ Rock/Creek
Owen Bradley- Headlands Hundred

* 7am – Race begins. Owen looks like an idiot with his shirt off and gloves on…
* It’s freezing. He was the first one up the first mountain.
* Cold, mountainous, misty, and foggy. Owen’s going steady. Crossed through Muir Beach (2nd aid station) approximately 8 miles at 75 minutes.
* Came through mile 12ish. Still in the lead. Still the only crazy person without a shirt.
* 10:00 am – Mile 17 at 3 hours. Still in the lead. He said the descents were tough. These mountains are ridiculous… unlike Alabama’s hills.
* Hit mile 25 (first loop completed) around 4 hours, 5 minutes. Still in the lead. About 6 guys within a mile.
* Through mile 38 and not feeling great. He and Joe, another runner, are running together.
* He said he feels like pooh. He looks strong through.
* Not going to lie, this is hard on my heart to see how hard this on such a man.
* Just remembered at mile 33ish, OB said it was the hardest thing he’d ever done. If you should see these mountains, you’d understand why.
* Hit mile 45 with a belly ache and general leg pain. O plans to chill for a bit at 50. I’m gonna run with him at mile 54-60ish.
* At mile 50 (end of 2nd loop) he is in good spirits. Found him a pacer for last 25 miles… The dude raced Western States and placed 16th overall.
Owen Bradley- Headlands Hundred* Not gonna lie, the little bit I ran with him was beautiful but treacherous. Lots of pounding and tons of climbing.
* He’s headed to the 75 mile mark. Headlamp on. Pacer started at 68 from Golden Gate Bridge aid station. Looking solid.
* Made it to 75 (end of 3rd loop). Ate pizza and drank sprite. Doesn’t want a pacer now. He’s absolutely ready to be done. Anticipates a slow last loop.
* Wardrobe change: socks, shirt & jacket. Now ready for the dark and fog.
* Dude, this is tough as crap… so many emotions.
* Made it strong to mile 88 (Tennessee Valley aid station), 12 more miles to go.
* 92 miles done. He’s not enjoying all the critters out there. I’m not either. One more aid station, then the finish!
* Struggled to mile 96. Not happy at all. Handed me a weapon… a rock. Gonna be a long 4 miles to the finish at Rodeo Beach. In 4th place. He’s amazing.
* I’ve never been so eager to see his face. I’m starting to see things… I want to know who says crewing is easy. This is nutzo.
headlands_finisherPG* 4:32 AM – DONE. A hundy in the books. Hardest job of my life. He rocked it though. Good night? Hmmm… guess it’s good morning?
(PS- the aforementioned “Joe” ended up winning the race at 19:40:18)

Owen’s Overall Summary:
Well organized race which is part of the Pacific Coast Trail Series (these people know how to put on an ultra). Beautiful, hilly course, with very runable surfaces, 4-loop reverse format is mentally tough. Great experience, but a 100 mile race is a very, very long way.
Top 5 Finishers: Age: Time: Location:
Joe Palubeski 1 43 19:40:18 Red Bluff, CA
Don Freeman 2 47 21:15:29 Roseville, CA
Matthew Schmidt 3 36 21:18:55 San Francisco, CA
Owen Bradley 4 30 21:32:11 Birmingham, AL
Mark Tanaka 5 43 21:38:42 Castro Valley, CA
Race Details:
Date: August 7-8th 2010
Location: Sausalito, CA (Marin Headlands) just north of San Francisco
Golden Gate National Recreation Area (Part of Miwok Course)
Time: Start Time 7am (30 hour time limit)
Course: 4 Loops (washing machine style – reverse directions each loop)
Fee: $200 – includes well stocked aid stations & a Patagonia LS Capilene shirt
Finisher Awards: Marble Coaster with finishing time engraved
Total Entries: Approx 55 starters (44 finishers)
Weather: 55 degrees with fog and mist on the hills (and strong 20+ mph wind gusts)

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