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Race Team Report: Pinhoti 100 Mile Trail Run

Rock/Creek’s sponsored athletes Randy & Kris Whorton went down to Alabama a few weeks ago to run the inaugural Pinhoti Trail 100. Here’s what the race Web site has to say about the course:

The 1st Inaugural Pinhoti 100 is a Point to Point Trail run starting in Heflin AL on the unmolested Pinhoti single track trail. Runners will make their way over the highest point in Alabama while navigating over rocks, through creeks and across beautiful ridge lines of the Talladega National Forest. The course will consist of 80.62 miles of single track trail, 16.98 miles of jeep road and 4.52 miles of pavement and will finish on the rubberized track in the Sylacauga High School Football Stadium.

Randy gives us this report:
The race provided both both ends of the “fun” scale. It really sucked because I had to drop out at 27. My ankle just had not healed enough. I sure wish I could have run this one, I think I am in good shape and the race was on a magnificent north to south point to point single track trail on a range between Atlanta and Birmingham.
Pinhoti-1This is a true wilderness trail and the leaves were in perfect fall colors. Shit! I just get sick thinking about haw great it would have been. Now for the other end of the “fun” scale. I convinced Kris to continue without me at mile 20, at that point we were in 13th place and Kris was the 3rd woman. She was not happy about parting and for the next 10 miles or so she was planning on dropping at 50K.
She made the right decision to run it. Kris continued to pass other runners all through the night and finished strong and happy in 23:23, winning the woman’s division and smashing the old course record; she placed 6th or 7th overall. The trail was quite overgrown and Kris shredded her legs but no other injuries reported, other than the normal blister or two. She is walking around today like she sat on the beach all weekend, but I believe that she will be taking it easy for the next few weeks and she certainly will be keeping her legs covered for a while.
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  1. Sounds like a great race. What a time for Kris! We got dumped on last week with snow, so most of our longer trails have been shut down for a little while, thanks for the stoke.

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