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R/C racer Randy Whorton takes 1st Masters in his 13th Mountain Mist 50k

I’d heard 8 to 12 inches of rain had landed on Monte Sano state park fairly consistently over the past several weeks, so coming into my 13th Mountain Mist 50k I knew that it would be a slip-n-slide type adventure. There was much blood spilled on the course this day, and more than normal DNF’s due to the tough conditions.

However, the weather was spectacular and everyone that finished seemed to have a good time. Joe Fejes and I had a simple plan: to run well within ourselves to the top of the K2 climb. “K2,” really!?! That climb does not deserve that name… it is not so steep and it is not very long. After that 10-mile warm up, Joe and I picked up the pace and passed no less than 15 runners in the next 10 miles. Joe had to back down some the last 10, and that is quite understandable considering he won a 72 hour race just a few weeks ago. Over 280 miles in three days has to take a while to get over!

The rest of my run was mostly a solo journey. I did pass a few more runners, and then at the top of waterline (now that one does deserve the K2 name) Kathy Youngren blew past me with blood running down her hand and leg. I am guessing that stitches were on the post race menu for her after she collected her 5th win in 14 finishes on her home course.

This race has more technical footing than any other, and every year for at least several days following, my feet just hurt. I was really looking forward to see how my first run here with the Hokas would be. I am thrilled to report that they not only are very stable, but I have experienced no foot pain at all…none, nada. I love these shoes! I don’t think they make me run faster, they just make me recover faster.

All in all a great day out in the woods. I ran a 5:17, not what I was hoping for but not bad given the conditions and good enough to win the old-guy age group.

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