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Reminder: Volunteer Weekend Just 3 Days Away

This coming weekend, September 25-27 is packed full of volunteer opportunities for those wishing to make a difference. The Little River Canyon Trail Day information is posted below, however, if this location is not quite in your backyard, please consider volunteering at 1 of the 27 Tennessee volunteer sites for the National Public Lands Day on Saturday, September 26th. National Public Lands Day is the nation’s largest hands-on volunteer effort to improve and enhance the public lands Americans enjoy.
Little River Canyon Trail Day Information:
Chattanooga climbing community, are you tired of the awkward limbo of time between hot summer weather and prime climbing temperatures? Do you need something to fill up those weekends nearing the projecting and sending season?
Come to the Little River Canyon Trail Day and sweat it out in preparation for hittin’ up the canyon this season.
On Saturday, September 26th, the long standing Southeastern Climbers Coalition is teaming up with The Access Fund’s TeamWorks program for a trail day at Little River Canyon from 10am to 4pm. Volunteers need to meet at the Little River Canyon Mouth Park at the campground adjacent to Jackson State University Field School on Hwy 35 near the entrance to Little River Canyon National Park no later than 10am on Saturday. From there, groups will be divided out and work throughout the park until 4pm. Volunteers will rally back at the campground for BBQ and refreshments provided after the workday.
Trail maintenance is a key component to positive relationships among land owners, park authority and climbers. The Access Fund’s TeamWorks program encourages young climbers to get involved in access related projects and trail days. This naturally parallels to the SCC’s mission of “preserving climbing areas for future generations to enjoy”. Last year, more than 93 volunteers arrived to mow down grass paths, clear water run off ditches, and pick up trash.
As said by the SCC’s calendar of events:
“Come one come all to the second Little River Canyon Teamworks Trail Day, hosted by the Access Fund and the SCC, and arranged by the man, the myth, the legend, Jimmy Stout. In Jimmy’s words: “Last years largest Teamworks trail day is getting bigger and better! More folks, more work, more food, and more love for Little River Canyon.The National Park Service calls the Little River Canyon, ‘one of the most extensive canyon and gorge systems in the eastern United States and one of the South’s clearest, wildest waterways.'” Let’s show it some love people! Meet at the Little River Canyon Mouth Park off Highway 273 at 10am September 26th. See you there! ”
Sponsored by the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition and The Access Fund’s Teamworks, a good time is bound to be hard by all. Hope to see you out there. Happy Trails!

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