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Rock/Creek race team member John Wiygul won the inaugural Dickson Endurance Triathlon

John Wiygul wrote this trip report from the race. Congrats on the finish, John, and congratulations to fellow Rock/Creek Race Team members Lance Steele and Kevin Boucher on their respective strong finishes!

Last Saturday, August 6, Lance Steele, Kevin Boucher, and myself went up to Montgomery Bell State Park, outside of Dickson, Tennessee. We competed in the inaugural Dickson Endurance Triathlon.

The race consisted of a 1-mile swim (not sure how it was measured), a 38-mile bike, and a 9.3-mile run. It was a beautiful, hilly course. I was 3rd out of the water after the swim. I pushed the bike and managed to return to transition in 2nd place. Craig Evans had a good lead off the bike and I figured I would need to run hard in hopes of catching him. At the turn around, mile 4.65, he had about a 3-minute lead on me. I could tell then I was going to reach him. By mile 6, I had the lead. I was running on adrenaline and help from my Rock/Creek visor, keeping the sweat out of my face.

I finished with a time of 3:11:32, my first overall triathlon win! Thanks to Lance for driving us in his plush RV. He had the misfortune of getting stuck behind a train crossing. Note to race directors bike courses and trains don’t mix. Kevin won his age group, and Lance managed to still came in second in his.