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Rock/Creek Women’s Trail Running Summit Q&A

The 2nd annual Rock/Creek Women’s Trail Running Summit will be held September 10th-13th, 2015.  Presented by The North Face, this year’s Summit will focus on the trails in Chattanooga’s own backyard.  This will include a Saturday on the trails with TNF pro mountain runner, Diane Van Deren.  The Crash Pad will serve as the “home base” for the weekend’s adventures.   Contributing sponsors include Skratch Labs, GU Energy, LoAdebar, Goodhew, Hot Yoga Plus, Whole Foods, Mayfly coffee, and Trail Runner Magazine.


Rock/Creek recently asked the Director for the Women’s Trail Summit, Dreama Campbell, a few questions about the Summit to get a sense of what we can expect from this years version of last year’s hugely successful Women’s Trail Running Summit at Camp Ocoee.

I’m very new to trail-running, will I be able to participate? I am a little intimidated by trail-running.
If you’re interested in trail running or new to the trails, this is a great opportunity to run with other beginners and experienced trail runners alike. You’ll get time on the trails, learn about gear, tactics and training, and most important, you’ll have a great time on beautiful trails.

What are some of the “clinics” or topics that will be discussed at the Summit?
In addition to spending time learning from experienced North Face runner Diane Van Deren, you’ll have the option of participating in a variety of skills-focused clinics, including stretching/strengthening, injury prevention, building confidence on the trail and how to be a trail ambassador in your community.

How many miles do I need to be able to run? Will there be distance options?
You should be able to run at least five miles comfortably each day.  A shorter and longer distance option will also be available for those that should choose to do so.

What if I’m too slow? I don’t like running by myself.
This weekend is about training, running and enjoying the trails – and not about speed.  We will cater our various runs for all experience levels.  We will have pace runners in the front, middle, and back of each group so that everyone may have someone with whom to share their experience.

Will the runs be guided and/or the trails marked or easy to find?
Yes! All trails will be lightly marked on each day.  We will inform you about the markers before the start of each day’s run.

What kind of running gear should I bring for trail running in Chattanooga during September?
It’s still pretty warm here in September, so check the weather before you come. Plan to bring appropriate running attire.  Must-haves include a good pair of trail running shoes and either a hydration pack or a handheld. You may also want to bring your own nutrition if you have specials needs or preferences on the runs.  Although, we will provide some electrolyte drink and food/fuel.  We will run in the rain so plan accordingly.  (We will not run in severe or dangerous weather!)

What can participants expect to take away from this event?
Participants can expect to have an incredible experience – including meeting new friends, experiencing a new community, and lots of new trail and running knowledge.

What makes this Trail Summit a “must-do”?
First of all, it is the chance to run some of the best and most beautiful trails in the Chattanooga area. The Women’s Trail Running Summit is an opportunity to spend time with like-minded women who love the outdoors, to develop your trail running skills, to learn from North Face pro athlete Diane Van Deren, while, above all else, having a great time!

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