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Rock/Creek & Backpacker Challenge You to “Get Out More”

Backpacker Magazine "Get Out More Tour 2009" A note worthy event occurred Tuesday evening at Rock/Creek’s Two North Shore location, as Rock/Creek hosted Backpacker MagazineGet Out More Tour 2009“. Do you wish for a well planned camping trip, yet you do not know what gear you need to start? Or for our seasoned backpackers; Do you want to hear specs and tips on the latest technology and gear? This six month tour, stops at 50+ specialty retailers nationwide to educate guests on the skills and gear needed to “Get Out More”.
For eight years now, Backpacker Magazine’s outdoor experts have been offering a hands-on training workshop to show consumers the latest gear and answer the common questions, “how does that work” or “what does that do.” New tips and techniques were presented by outdoor experts Sheri and Randy Propster. This couple has gear tested all sorts of products, and knows what works best for a variety of skill levels.
Their enthusiasm for adventure was spread to all attendees of this year’s event, and Rock/Creek offers a special thank you to Backpacker Magazine for including Rock/Creek as a designated stop, and the community of participants who came out Tuesday evening.