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Rock/Creek & Camelbak Keep Adventure Seekers Hydrated

The weather in Chattanooga, TN contains an inviting warmth combined with brisk winds this time of season. No wonder numerous adventure seekers travel in and around the city to explore the woods, trails, tourist attractions, and stroll across the Walnut Street Bridge to take advantage of Spring’s moderate temperatures. Forests have thickened with fresh spring leaves, the streams are warming (slightly) for the daring cannon ball jumper, and Rock/Creek’s favorite sight to see is emerging: families out on the trails.
IMG_1180_flipWhile out on these mini-adventures, some may not consider the importance of maintaining healthy levels of hydration. Humidity in the Southeast is no silent water thief, as you find yourself sweating buckets shortly after leaving the house! Therefore, it is in your best interest to ensure water is readily available through some form of hydration system. The old hydration systems from childhood, with the “innovative” polycarbonate construction, have advanced to safer technology like the BPA- Free plastics presently. The CamelBak brand has spent over a decade helping people stay hydrated during their activities through comfortable and quality systems of hydration. These water carrying systems are engineered in a variety of fashions specific to sports like Biking, Hiking, Backpacking, Running, and even Snow Sports.
The majority of all Backpacks made for day hikes, medium capacity backpacking, and high capacity backpacking come with hydration compartments to insulate cold water and sleeves cradle water bladders to prevent a sway inside the pack.
While ripping through vegetated trails or maxing out their speed on a down hill Cyclists and Mountain Bikers may gravitate toward an aerodynamic, “Y shaped” hydration pack which ensures freedom from interference.
Lumbar packs are made versatile with the number of bottles on the waist, accessory pockets, breathability in the mesh, pack size, gender specific designs, color, and weight. Runners tend to prefer fast and light engineering or a simple hand held water bottle whereas, hikers may choose cush luxury with strap accessories if they are not worried about weight.
The possibilities for backpacks, lumbar packs, and handheld hydration systems are endless but the wear and tear sometimes takes a turn for the worst in the quality of taste if you don’t clean water bottles, water bladders, or bladder hoses.
For a limited time and while supplies last, Rock/Creek is offering a free cleaning kit with the purchase of a CamelBak hydration system over $49. The $20 value Camelbak cleaning system is a necessary item for any water system user and will help prolong the taste of water and the life of our hydration system. If you accidentally left a sports drink in your pack, for a week, in your car, the cleaning kit will do the trick.
View the entire line of Camelback Hydration Systems, and find the water system that’s perfect for your interests HERE >