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Rock/Creek Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race- Stage 2 Result in Two New Course Records

IMG_3829_edit copyIf cool temperatures on an early morning race start was not enough to impel a trail runner’s pace at the Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race, then the 20 minute torrential downpour of afternoon rain was either refreshing to those remaining on the course, or ample threat to quicken their steps toward the finish line.
Nearly 200 participants gathered for Stage 2 at the three day long Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race, which showcases terrific single track trails atop Lookout Mountain, Raccoon Mountain, and Signal Mountain.
Raccoon Mountain’s fast, single track trails eased runners up and down hills with minimal elevation changes for an “easier day” of 18 miles around the pumped storage facility. Saturday’s 18 mile course clocks the mileage to 40 miles out of 60 miles total, finishing on Sunday for Stage 3 on Signal Mountain with 20 miles.
Rock/Creek Race Team Member and continued course record breaker, Dane Mitchell from Birmingham, AL, establishes a new course record for Stage 2 of the Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race. With a finish time of 1:58:34, Dane finishes nearly 9 minutes faster than the course record time by Josh Wheeler in 2009 at 2:07:25. The second course record established on the trail is by Second Place Men’s Overall finisher and Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Josh Wheeler from Signal Mountain, TN, who came in at 2:02:10. These record breaking speeds now set the bar unimaginably high for those outside of the Southeast daring to compete in 2011. Coming in third place Men’s Overall for Stage 2 was Rock/Creek Race Team Member, Kevin Boucher from Chattanooga, TN, with a time of 2:10:32; not quite a course record breaker, yet still categorized as fast when evaluating top three finish times for 2009 and 2008 races.
IMG_3823Making her way to the top from a solid finish at Stage 1, Kate Brun from Kennesaw, GA establishes herself as the First Female Overall for Stage 2 with a time of 2:37:01. Familiar to the finisher’s podium is Sue Kelly from Atlanta, GA, who came in Second Place Female Overall with a time of 2:40:26 and Third Place Female Overall was Emily Ansick from Auburn, AL, with a time of 2:41:07.
For a list of preliminary results and photos from Saturday’s Stage 2 race, visit the Stage 2 homepage at
Rock/Creek welcomes new and returning racers to join us on Stage 3, the 20 mile portion of the Chattanooga Mountain Stage Race, occurring on top of Signal Mountain on Sunday, June 20th at 8:00am. Details for Stage 3 can be found on the Chattanooga Mountain Stage 2 Homepage >
Registration the day-of begins at 6:30am.